March 30, 2016

NXT Takeover: Dallas Preview

This is weird. It copied the whole thing and now I kinda like it. I'm recovering from the whirlwind that was Iggy Pop. It was sooooo good, and I love him and it was great to ramble wrestling with Mr. Nickles. We watched a really great Skivone/Vader interview. It was adorable. That brings us to....
Austin Aries vs. Baron Corbin
Woah. Let's see how fucked up I can make this since it copied the whole Wiki page and not just the print. Not sure if there has been anymore appearances by The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived to build this, but the debut and subsequent attack was pretty awesome. My roommate will say "End Of Days" probably a hundred times, and I'll giggle. 
2The Revival (Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder) (c) vs.American Alpha(Jason Jordan andChad Gable)Tag team match for the NXT Tag Team Championship

So I apparently must not be the audience for any of these guys. Kinda odd because I was a big World's Greatest Tag Team mark. I just look at basically all four of these guys and say "Jack Swagger has more charisma." Maybe this is just a "we're spoiled by ROH'S tag team division" opinion.
3Apollo Crews vs. Elias Samson I telling Rusty that the Internet seems to be coming around on The Drifter, and I oddly agreed after last week's NXT. Crews hasn't seemed to have shown to be as good of a white meat babyface as one might think, and the evil, homeless, slow, brooding version of Jeff Jarrett will probably get a big win here.  
4Sami Zayn vs.Shinsuke NakamuraIn all honesty....I wish the main events were switched. Joe vs Nakamura is probably coming down the line and sounds like (to put it crassly) a cream dream. Still....Zayn's main roster send off will be the match we're all looking forward to
5Bayley (c) vs. AsukaSingles match for the NXT Women's Championship

Could this end in some sort of schmoz?  It's not time for any type of turn for either of these ladies. Maybe this will be the big clean win that absolutely cements Bayley as everyone's favorite....even though Asuka is actually our favorite....because she's the Bjork of wrestling. An incredibly beautiful performer that I can't really sexualize in my head. She intimidates me....over the tv....lots....
6Finn B├ílor (c) vs.Samoa JoeSingles match for the NXT Championship

This is a really long feud and I'm okay with that. I still don't think they've had the match they could have. Hopefully we get it here, and I wouldn't mind run ins. Run ins don't necessarily mean that a match is bad (ie Kane debut). "The Demon" did some photoshoot that I saw and he looked stupid. Rastafari painted dude isn't as cool as leather jacketed ab-tastic dude. Abs are cool.
Well.....I'm watching one of Kobe's last televised basketball games. I'm exhausted from sleeping on an air matress in a 90 degree room. Anybody watch Aztec Warfare? Not the best match....but cool storyline stuff. My friend Danny gushed over Jeff Cobb from Sacramento (Google it after you watch Lucha)....and told me the origin of Timothy Thatcher's British gimmick. I haven't seen any of the Road To Invasion Attack. There looks like some good singles matches on each show, but I don't see myself logically catching up this weekend. Maybe?  Stranger things have happened. Anyway.....I'll be back soon with my preview of the 7 hour? Spectacular later this week.

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