November 29, 2011

MMS #22a

THE RUSTY REPORT - 11.29.2011

Well old wrestle chum. Today marks a bittersweet day. November 29th 2010 was the last day of wrestle club here at OLIP HQ. I think you moved a day to two after that. BUT the good thing is that you are one whole year into your Canadian vacation. Maybe the Kliq will reunite someday. Till then our dorky clubhouse will remain SCW.

OK, on to the wrestling. And you gotta have a theme right?

So Smackdown was totally awesome. I was blown away by the whole beginning. Oh wait, lets do this first

Mark Henry
CM Punk
Dolph Ziggler
Tyson Kidd (i hardly ever see him but im always excited when he is on)
#6 goes to Ricardo Rodriguez. I love that guy

Back to Smackdown. Mark Henry opens the show with a promo that was cracking me up. He was being such a baby that i couldn't quit laughin. I never ever thought that i would end up loving Mark Henry. I liked him as a smiling low card giant and was confused when he started getting this push. But now im fully on board.

The bit with Show made me a little curious as to what might happen. In the back of my mind i was thinking about DBD and the MITB case. And when that music hit I went nuts. The most dramatic part what when DBD was trying to roll over Henry. I really thought he might not be able to flip him over at all. But he did and got the pin and i was freaking out. It was amazing, while it lasted. Teddy Long's reversal was great and i feel like this is going to boost DBD even more than if he would have actually won the belt. The audience may be behind him even more. I know that i cant wait to see more of him and his run for the belt.

The tag match with Swagger, Ziggler, Ryder and Shamus was awesome too. It felt like they actually got some time to wrestle. I had a great time watching this match. Jeez, i must have been in a good mood because i also liked the next match with Ted DiBiasi and the Wendy's girl. Howbout that?!

I don't have any extra curricular wrestling to talk about. Not even Impact. I'm in a little dip when it comes to watching wrestling. This was the first time i have even watched smackdown in weeks. Why? Im back at home and dont have as much mope out time to drown in wrestling. I suspect that i may have more to talk about next week, look for that in the revamped Rusty Report.

I really liked this episode of RAW. Again i think they gave the matches time to become interesting. It had just the right amount of backstage stuff to keep the flow going. Plus CM Punk was awesome all over the show. That never hurts.

I dunno man, Piper is a legend and a local hero but he still freaks me out. He is so wild and strange that he makes me nervous. But that loose cannon style is what makes him great on TV. I feel like they furthered the Cena transition and made it very interesting. Where will Cena go? When will he snap? I dunno. But I cant wait. I have a feeling that the Cena story is going to be awesome. I hope anyway.

See that typo above? I got VHS on the brain at all times i guess.
Anyway. I didn't really watch much of this match. After the pre match beat down i didn't really care. Plus i hate the miz now that Truth is gone and miz is back to being an lame looking "tough guy". He really is horrible.

What i didn't know while watching this match is that it was JOMO's last before leaving the WWE. I guess his contract has expired and he is moving on. What a way to go. Kinda sad. But you know, i wouldn't be surprised to see him back someday. Ill miss his slow-mo intro.

The Laurenitis, Otunga, ADR, Punk backstage segment was awesome. I gotta admit, i like Otunga and Laurenitis. They are cheesy and old school. ADR is back to being a legit, non wussy, bad guy again now that he lost the belt. And Punk just walks around and gives everyone shit. This segment was gold.

I cant stand Randy Orton so much that i cant watch a match of his. He Fucking pisses me off. I cant take his blank stare and lame smile anymore. I think im going to stop watching his matches completely so i don't get mad. Wrestling is supposed to be fun.

Ziggler rules tho. He won. Joe and I cheered.

Zach Ryder vs Swagger.
Man, swagger sure fell off the face of the earth didn't he. He used to be great. Now he aint. I dunno what happened. Zach Ryder on the other hand, not great. To me he is just a weird bandwagon fluke that is going to burn out quick once the joke gets old. Woo Woo Woo, you know it, You cant get far on a few catch phrases. Or can you? Look at the Rock. Thats all he was, but i feel like he could talk his way thru situations. I havn't seen Ryder on the mic enough to be swayed that he can handle a actual feud.

Im not saying that he sucks at wrestling or isn't talented. Dont get me wrong. Im just not convinced yet. We will see on this guy.

Im stoked on this. Kane is always great. I cant wait to see him back, mask or not

Another great match by these guys. They both are great with their kicks and different subtle style. Punk grew up in the indies and ADR was a Luchador, so they both have a style that's not just WWE. I loved that spot with the chair. Thats classic wrestling stuff you dont see anymore. And i also loved ADR taking off the turnbuckle pad. For some reason that's always great.

Punk wins, still champ. wrestling rules.
Im going to see DOA wrestling with my dad on december 10th. Will you be around? It would be awesome to have you come with us.

SMACKDOWN is on tonight for some unknown reason. Another report tomorrow.

-Scuzzy, fuzzy and red

November 22, 2011

MMS Deluxe Edition (Buy Now!)

As I mentioned to you in traditional e-mail form this week, I’ve been watching scads of 80s material on top of the new stuff. Since they weren’t online before, I’ve uploaded my favorite promos to youtube.

As far as the best matches go, Tito Santana would have to win the best worker award based on what I’ve watched. And “nobody likes me, and I don’t care” might be my new favorite quote from a promo, ever. Especially with the whole bumping-the-head-against-the-wall gimmick.

Rusty Nickles316: sloppy notes on Survivor Series and RAW


The ziggler and morrison match is great. The "We want Ryder!" chants are really annoying. I almost wanna fast forward thru the match so i dont have to listen to those lame fans chant about someone who is not CM Punk
HIGH SPOT Dolph being Dolph

After watching the Rock's awesome promo, randy orton looks even more lame and boring.

RKO takes on all the heals alone, Sin Cara botches a move and WWE shows it over and over, All the wrestlers standing around confused, more Ryder chants, this match is a mess so far.

HIGH SPOT Orton getting pinned

Did ADR just say that Punk looks like an occupy Wall St protester? That's the best burn ever

These people in the audience are horrible. I dont think you should ever chant BORING in a match
Sure, Henry and Show was a little boring. It was just slow. I like seeing these giants fight. And i liked the end of the match.
HIGH SPOT Big Show and the giant elbow

The beginning to the punk adr match was the most entertaining beginning that i have seen in a while. First King calls Ricardo's haircut a "Shemp haircut". Then we get the Fink AND CMPunk wearing a H2O shirt. Now, i dont know what H2O sounds like and i prolly dont like them but i do think it's cool that he is representing a band he likes.
It was a good match but i wasn't blown away. I think I kinda checked out because i was an hour and a half in and still had a lot more to go. That homework feeling was setting in.
HIGH SPOT - PUNK WINS!!! IN MSG!!! ADR LOSES and now can go back to being the badass heel he always was. He will not have to be the chickenshit wussy heel that the WWE has made him be. DOUBLE PLUS!!

So i dont have any doubt that miz and truth will win. But that doesn't matter. I still had a good time with this match. The most interesting part for me was watching the way that Rock and Cena worked the match together. I also loved how good Rock looked.

It was a fun match, cena got his ass kicked a lot and Rock took a nasty close line outside the ring. But in the end Rock wins and they close the PPV with a pose off. I was really hoping to see Nash ruin the match or Foley interrupt. SOMETHING to make it more than a normal tag match.

Enough PPV talkin. Lets move on to RAW

I liked Punks promo in the beginning o the show. I like knowing that he always was a real wrestling fan and has made it. I also liked John Laurenitis ruining everything. Hes flat voice and persona is funny to me. Dunno why but i like it.

ADR VS Zach Ryder
Joe was over while raw was on and admitted that he loves zach ryder. I just dont get it. I want to like every wrestler but i just don't understand all the hype behind this guy. Ill admit that i never have watched his internet show so that's prolly why im not a fan. It;s just his gimmick. I don't care for it. And i dont think it can sustain any kind of compelling feud. Am I just being a stick in the mud? I really want to know what you think.

We had a bunch of people over last night and kinda talked thru this whole match. I have a feeling that this match was amazing and plan to go back and watch it soon. Let me know if it's worth watching.

im not happy about this. I liked these two and i feel like it's way early to break them up. But i guess they did it because Truth is suspended for smoking fake pot or something. They could have done this in a much better way but oh well. What ya gonna do?

SO ....

What the hell happened to brodus clay? Where was the guest host? Did you catch the link to some cryptic video online? What was with that weird Kane promo? I cant wait for your show. Im relly interested in hearing your thoughts

November 17, 2011

If you smelllllllalalaloou...

November 08, 2011

It's that time of the week, again MMS

Among the extra wrestling stuff I watched this week was a recent episode of WWE Vintage Collection which featured Rowdy Roddy Piper. He and Gene Okerlund would chat about highlights from the Hot Rod's career, in between showing various matches (spanning a few decades), which would relate to the things they were talking about. An interesting thing about watching old wrestling matches on modern WWE programming is that when there's any choking going on, the video stops rolling and it will only show still images until the choking is finished. The audio is uninterrupted. What's most interesting about this is it makes you realize how common it used to be. During this particular episode of Vintage Collection, there was choking in EVERY match!
It was very cool to see those old Piper matches and promos, and he's going to return to the show next week, but I doubt they'd ever show this gem:

Just saw there's a new botchamania on youtube, gotta go!

November 01, 2011