August 31, 2011

Marshall Matters Show 8 31 11

Here now, chock full of butt-rock wrestling themes, is the shiny new installment in the Marshall Matters saga. Stay tuned to the end for a shocking announcement!!!!

If you're wondering, towards the end of the show, the last theme I play is Mr. H's first entrance theme, from when he was the "Connecticut blue-blood" Hunter Hearst Helmsley. Least intimidating theme ever.

August 25, 2011

How Regal Rules

I was looking across some list of in-ring shoots today, and one stood out in particular. "Lord Steven Regal turns squash match with Goldberg into wrestling match." I probably watched this live on TV- it was the era of WCW that I was really into. Goldberg was riding a wave of popularity, he was racking up the numbers of his undefeated streak, but hadn't entered the main event picture yet. He'd come out every Nitro to great fanfare and squash one of the mid-carders. The match would typically take up less time than his entrance. He was over with my brother and a billion other people like magic. I wasn't a fan of his, I always just liked the wrestling and the promos, neither of which he did very often. Apparently Regal wasn't a fan any more than I was, wasn't going to go down like a chump, and forced Goldberg to have a wrestling match with him, which Goldberg complied to with surprising capability. I'm tempted to do a play by play of this match, because there are so many great little moments, but I don't want to lessen your enjoyment of simply watching it.

Suffice to say, he left WCW shortly thereafter and debuted on Raw using this gimmick:

His manly time with WWF was short, as he was having some personal issues. He checked himself into rehab, and his next TV appearance was back with WCW. That lasted less than a year, and he went right back to WWF. This time it wasn't long before he had his rightful place on the show with regards to how much screen time he got. I couldn't find a video from this era as awesome as the Goldberg match, but in an effort to have a well rounded mini-bio, here's a good one.

I'll be looking forward to someday finding a youtube video of highlights from Regal's commentary, which is the phase of his career which he's only recently begun. One highlight that I can think of off the top of my head is when he said that JTG stands for "Jimmy The Gimmick".

August 23, 2011

Marshall Matters 8 23 11

I entered a contest that Dolph Ziggler held on Twitter this week. The contest was to make a funny picture of him, because (as he wrote) "Finding a bad picture of myself is nearly impossible". I didn't win. Somebody that made him look like Smurfette did, and the prize is that he'll use the picture as his Twitter profile pic for a week or month or something. This was my entry:

I still think it's kinda funny. I haven't made an icon for the MMS yet... actually I did but it looks like a shitty album cover from 1998, and I won't be using it... but I did make what's called a favicon for this website, it should appear in the url window of your browser, as well as the icon next to the bookmark for the site, if you have it bookmarked. Here's a larger version:

August 17, 2011

Rusty Report 8.17.2011

August 16, 2011

Quarter Marshall Roster Madness

It's like a uh... an unscripted show like with a... different like format, I guess. It's like really long.

I didn't watch Impact this week, so this is an all WWE show. I didn't skip Impact on purpose, I just didn't have time. I am going to watch it before the Marshall Matters Show returns next week, because I'm a sucker. How about that, CeeLo Green?

CeeLo Green is on board.

August 11, 2011


Man, it kinda was a weird week in wrestling. For me anyway. Kinda a bummer too. Last week was so great i was really looking forward to Raw and Smackdown. Once i got to watch the shows i was a little bummed. So this week im going to just type up my podcast. Keep it short and do a big SUMMERSLAM podcast in a few days

WINNERS - ME for getting to see a DBD and Tyson kid match. ME for getting a Rock Slurpee and a Roddy Piper Big Gulp.

Losers - MY TORRENT OF SMACKDOWN for being super jumpy and having audio that was off.

BEST MOMENT OF THE WEEK - The contract signing. Can you believe that? A contract signing was my favorite moment of the week!

Only a few days till SUMMERSLAM. I cant wait. Till then, with Slurpee in hand, i am Rusty Nickles

August 09, 2011

mm show

How will next week's Summerslam measure up to this week's Hardcore Justice? Well, even if they hired DH Smith and Melina back and had them beat each other with spoons for 3 hours, it couldn't be much worse. Opinion.

August 08, 2011


Did you know that Dave Meltzer gave the Cena Punk match FIVE ding dang STARS?!!! Thats insane. He hadn't given a wwe match five since 1997. WOWWWW!!!!!

ANYWAH - My theme song. I really thought about this one. It is a tough question. All i know was that it had to be Nirvana. Well, the song i picked combines two of the greatest rock bands EVER Nirvana and The Wipers. My pick for my theme is RETURN OF THE RAT played by NIRVANA

I dont remember, did you pick one yet?


August 04, 2011


ruuuusty niiicles -clap clap clapclapclap- ruuusty niiickles -clap clap clapclapclap-

August 02, 2011

MMS: A Cool Week in Wrestling

Business is picking up! Herein I explain why and how.

Question of the week: What would your wrestling theme-song be (that would play whenever you enter a room or raise your arms in victory)?

Also, here is a picture of me Punking, which is the new Planking.

Pro tip: To make a really awesome Punking pic, first leave your basement couch, and don't be eating mac n cheese at the time.