March 01, 2016

MMS: It's a Leapday, yes it is!

In which I reference one of the following fashion choices:

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  1. I'll describe RAW...Suck. I noticed the Slap Nutz thing too...and I hardly payed attention to my screen when wrestling wasn't happening. Thank you for the refresher as I was having foggy Slap Nutz memory.

    Owens losing didn't bother was the fact last week's show was pretty good and created intrigue and had me excited for last night. Then Stephanie's unimportant promo was the best thing on the show.

    You should hear me screaming at ADR'S tree of woe double stomp and yelling "Lunatic Lariat" during every Ambrose match.

    I was also hot over Bray Wyatt being nothing now, not getting a body slam challenge that was promised to me on the Internet by Rusev (Maserati for the winner...thanks commercial), and Natty eating Subway!?!?!? Maybe without bread.

    I was underwhelmed by ROH...mostly just booking wise. Have they blown their wad with match ups? It's getting stale, which is okay for ROH because they usually figure that out quick.....and I still totally enjoyed the show.

    Non-sequiter: Ethan Carter III, Drew Galloway, and The Miracle Mike Bennett are the future.

    I was a half hour in to the podcast before you texted us. Go me. I like wrestling podcasts too much.

    Later Slap Nutz.