March 08, 2016

MMS: Pizza

Mania Dreams is an impossible act to follow, but it helps when there's good wrestling to talk about!  In this episode, hear your host Quarter Marshall pontificate on everything that happened on Raw, from R-Truth to Goldust to Mark Henry, and beyond!  Kaboom!

I didn't mention it, but I also watched Impact.  It wasn't bad, but I didn't really have anything to say about it, anyway.  I am planning to watch tonight's episode though, especially to see Will Ospreay and Big Damo.  Also on the card are the Wolves vs. a reunited Beer Money (for the titles), and Kurt Angle's final TNA match (which is the cause of the buzz which is making me aware of TNA again).

Sorry about the background noise on this episode, it was windy and raining pretty hard on the coastal highway I drive to work on.  Go figure!  Sheesh!


  1. I have very little recollection of The Ryback's promo. I think my roomie was going off about how The Ryback had to be standing on something. I argued that Kalisto and Jojo are just tiny. So we had a whole conversation while The Ryback rambled.

    Bobby Lashley has become quite the wrestler for having no charisma. He'd be huge in Japan.

    Found a pack of Dragon Lee vs Kamaitachi matches. So much chemistry. Hope these guys get in the Super J Cup Tournament.

    Sami Zayn is going to have quite the Wrestlemania weekend. No spoilers....

    Lesnar vs Wyatt is this weekend. Lesnar vs Ambrose is at Mania. Unless something weird happens. Sounds like there might be a not so generic three way on Smackdown.

    I just ate like a half pound of carrots. Ran a total of ten miles Monday and today. My body hurts. Good thing I have wrestling to watch.

  2. Forgot to mention that Vince called Taker "The Under" at one point. We popped for that.