July 14, 2017

Drinking at my buddies' Garage. I'm the third wheel to two couples. The ladies were rolling their eyes at my geeking out about Grant Morrison and how he's editing Heavy Metal magazine now. I have a bunch of issues of Heavy Metal now....and I've turned even nerdier (and confused as to why I haven't been reading this for years).

Johnny Gargano is one of my favorite wrestlers of all time. His story is Shakespeare. If he's there......I squeal.

Asuka is amazing. I always compare her to Bjork. Because music is a competition in my mind.

Aliester Black is a great gimmick....and he's slowly getting over. I still laugh that the Marshall compared me to him. I'm way sillier than that guy.


I wanna see Aaliyah. She sucks, but some weird thing on the network made me kinda like her.

Former Evolve Champion. Dreeeeeeeew.
He's pretty cool.

Hideo Itami is a wrestler that I think will be back in Japan (probably NJPW) in the next year, and we should feel blessed to see him. He was smart to head to the US when he got to his "injury riddled" part of his career.  KENTA shall blow minds.

Oh yeah....Kassius Ohno. Rusty seemed disappointed that he would be both of our #1. Honestly...more excited for Gargano...but I don't think he'll be there. Chris Hero is an incredible athelete. I told Rusty that he's "More Athletic Terry Gordy" which is nuts if you think/know about it.

Anyway, beer drinking. I'm not going to edit this post. No idea if it makes sense. See you tomorrow.

nxt nxt nxt

Well guys. I can't tell you how much I look forward to our hang outs. I am so excited that I am actually writing a post! Let's get to it! (Not in order)

1. Heavy Machinery / Authors Of Pain
I just really wanna see how big these guys are in real life. They are huge and dumb and I kinda like that.

2. Auska
I made a joke about Auska's wicked rack in my last post. She is a babe. But beyond that she is a killer wrestler and I am a huge fan. I am already at half staff thinking about her (matches).

3. DIY
These guys ruke. I am pretty bummed that they split them up but I am looking forward to the awesome matches they will have someday. I hope to see Gargano, or as my autocorrect wants to call him, Garbanzo. His facial hair is good.

4. Roddy

5. Pete Dunn and the other British kid
I think the match these two had at takeover of whatever was my favorite match of the year so far. Pete Dunn is one of my current faves and I can't wait to see more from him.

6. I dunno who else. I Cant Wait! BEed TIime!!! COmputer ISs Getting Weird!

Marshall's nxTop nxTen

Spoiler alert: the #1 thing I'm looking forward to about Saturday is getting together with my SCW bros!  It's always the funnest.  I'm looking forward to seeing you guys so much, it makes this list seem silly.  But it's not, it's totally serious.  These are the top ten NXT roster members I'm looking forward to seeing the most!!!!!

10. Johnny Gargano Almost everyone on this list are wrestlers who I've seen for years on video, but never in-person.  Johnny Gargano is a guy whose career I've followed for maybe 5 or 6 years, being featured on shows that I would've loved to have been at.  He has a distinct energy in the ring that I think will be even better in-person.

9. Heavy Machinery Why would I rank them above Gargano?  Because I really want to see what they look like with my own eyes.  I am fascinated with the aesthetic of Heavy Machinery.

8. Bobby Roode While I've been critical of the champ, calling attention to a perceived juxtaposition between the flash of his character and the meatandpotatoes of his in-ring style, he's still a great wrestler.  I wouldn't be surprised if I felt kinda mark-y if he came out and doused us with a heapin helpin of star power.

7. Hideo Itami The second half of the best Bobby Roode match I've ever seen, and possibly one of the most influential wrestlers of his (our) generation.  At least in the sense of our favorite WWE wrestlers using moves he innovated as their finishers.  Since he's generally been positioned in NXT as a big match guy, I'm very curious what he might do on a house show.  He could have a barnburner with anybody.

6. Aleister Black Has a physical style I'm looking forward to seeing in-person, and I want to see if his gimmick stuff looks as cool as it does on TV.  It looks amazing on TV.

5. Asuka The only wrestler on the list who we saw last year.  Even beyond this short list, if you look down the entire roster of NXT, she's one of (I think) only three who were there a year ago, the others being No Way Jose and Tino "Too Much Taint" Sabbatelli.  Asuka is one the best overall performers in the entire WWE.  Right up there with AJ, Joe, Owens, Charlotte, or whoever.

4. reDRagon It was officially announced on Wednesday that Bobby Fish signed with NXT.  Kyle O'Reilly did a show for NXT but hasn't been officially signed yet.  I don't know if they'll be on the show.  It seems doubtful, but who knows.  If they do show up, individually or as a team, I'm gonna be grinning a big toothy grin like a total moron.

3. Roderick Strong With his stupendous catalogue of work, Roddy will always be a legend to me.  In NXT, the video packages of his life were the best non-wrestling things that have ever been on the show, and even though I was disappointed that he didn't win his title-shot match, I still appreciate that his character is a long-term underdog that's going to get a huge pop someday.  As fans, that can keep us hanging on forever when it's done well.  And Roddy's great.

2.  Nikki Cross Really fun to watch wrestle.  I have never used this idiom before, but I've got "nothing but time" for Nikki Cross.  I'm really not the type to celebrity crush on people, and when I do, they're usually guy comedians that I just really want to hang out with.  That being said, I want to hang out with Nikki Cross.

1. Kassius Ohno At the time he was signed, he was one of my top 3 favorite wrestlers in the world, with AJ and Okada.  I don't watch the NXT show every week, so I've missed some of what he's done there, and I don't even have a firm grasp on where he stands on the card.  I wonder if he (along with Bobby Fish, and maybe even Roddy) is seen by the office as kind of a journeyman dude who's there to help train younger talents how to work, or if they have intentions to push him.  Either way, he can do nothing but improve anything he has a hand in, because he's one of wrestling's greatest assets.

Hey, do you guys remember when Nakamura came out, and we all held hands, and then he did a cool, light comedy match against the Drifter?  Or when Finn Balor did his sexy entrance and the entire arena collectively opened their mouths to receive, and then he had a brawly match with Samoa Joe?  Or when American Alpha and the Revival had a great match with highspots that mattered?  Or when Poncho Man embarrassed the shit out of me by screaming "ANGRY MOM" at Nia Jax?  I can't wait to build more memories this weekend!  I also hope we can spend some quality time catching up and watching some WCW or whatever.  Love u dudes!

July 06, 2017

Goodness gracious.

Sitting at the bar flirting with the bartender. Intermittently writing this. Having someone try to convince you that Game Of Thrones is good is trying. Do you guys watch that shit? Well....here it is. Read it.

Neville vs Akira Tozawa for the Cruiserweight Championship
Is he just Tozawa yet? Grunting got him over. Then he joined the Titus Brand. I've been enjoying 205 Live lately. Not really sure why. I wouldn't recommend it. But I don't mind turning it on and playing on my phone while it airs. Things happen. It's got jokes.

Cesaro and Sheamus (The Bar) vs The Hardy Boyz in a 30 Minute Iron Man Match for the RAW Tag Team Championship
Just what we wanted. A half hour more of these guys wrestling. Delete.

The Miz w/ The Entourage vs Dean Ambrose for the Intercontinental Championship
How are we feeling about The Miz these days? Is he doing A level work in a world where I don't give a fuck? More so. Who gives a fuck about Dean Ambrose?

Enzo Amore vs Big Cass
So sad. Kinda upset about this. I wish Enzo could work. He'd be The Rock.

Seth Rollins vs Bray Wyatt
Hmmm. Did you see that Finn Balor doesn't even have a match on this ppv? I was listening to some podcast where they said Kenny Omega should join WWE next year and have a worked shoot feud based on Seth stealing his gimmick. I giggled.

Alexa Bliss vs Sasha Banks for the RAW Women's Championship
Well, hopefully it's good? I doubt they get any time. Alexa isnt the best worker or anything. Just...Dat ass.

Roman Reigns vs Braun Strowman in an Ambulance Match
In 10 years are they going to regret "Braun Strowman" as a name? Is he actually over or do people just hate Roman? I can't remember if any of their matches are actually good or if I just get stoked that the dumb guy loses.

Brock Lesnar vs Samoa Joe for the Universal Championship
Aaaaand if you aren't stoked for this you're an idiot. It's been booked masterfully. It's something we want to see. I think Vince is probably just shocked that people are so stoked because "he doesn't see it." Whatever....when something legitimately good comes along...we must embrace. Assimilate.

See you guys soooooon