March 29, 2016

Top Ten Things I'm Excited about this WWEek

Yo Dudes,

Between the NXT Special on Friday, Hall of Fame ceremony on Saturday, Wrestlemania Sunday, and Raw on Monday, we’re looking at a butt-load of WWE to watch this weekend.  Unfortunately, I’ll be watching it alone again, as Alice will be leaving town for a week early Monday and I’ll be sticking around here to hang out with her before she goes.  Also, I’m working on Sunday.  Maybe I’ll wear my Mark Henry shirt to work.

Despite the heinous amount of top guys and personal favorites on the bench this year, there’s a lot to look forward to.  Here’s my Fave 10.

10. The Triple-H vs. Roman Reigns Finish
So, I’m not looking forward to this match, and I haven’t enjoyed a minute of the build-up, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t interested in how this match would end.  Statistics would probably dictate that Roman goes over clean as the babyface, which wouldn’t bother as much as last year because I’ve been beaten down by the idea of it happening for so long, and besides that I’m really into the undercard, and don’t care as much about the World Title.

9. Stan Hansen’s Hall of Fame Acceptance Speech
One of my all-time faves, Stan Hansen is a class dude, and comes off like a total teddy bear in interviews, despite being such a notorious beast in the ring.  I will have goosebumps for as long as he’s on, and then again when they cart out the inductees during Mania.

8. The New Day’s Entrance
Will they come out riding unicorns on a rainbow ramp?  Who knows.  But they are super over and they’ve been getting lots of TV time, so they’ll do something special and of course it will be amazing.

7. ARMBAR Spots
ARMBAR is an abbreviation invented by the internet to concisely reference the AndRe the giant Memorial Battle Royal.  It’s going to be kind of stupid, but it will be great in spite of (or because of) that.  Somebody at some point will do something fancy, somebody else will do something funny, and we’ll all think it’s the best thing ever until we forget about it five minutes later.

6. The Taker/Shane Spectacle
Can I call this a match?  There will surely be match-like elements, but I’m expecting more of a Cirque du Soleil of wrestling mark-out cliches. 

5. Owens and Zayn in the IC Ladder Match
There will be a lot of other guys involved, but the focus of most of the storytelling is the storied history between Owens and Zayn.  I love that they’re in a ladder match (probably their specialty gimmick match) together at Wrestlemania.  I even love that their feud will be diluted by having the other competitors involved, because it means they can continue to draw out their rivalry, and we can look forward to many more weeks of building tension between them.

4. Balor Club Debut
This is just speculation, but it’s being teased with ever-decreasing subtlety.  Will Anderson and Gallows interfere with Balor’s title match against Samoa Joe?  Will the three of them crash Raw on Monday?  Will Anderson and Gallows have new names?  Will they have a theme song by Rocky Romero?  So many questions, but one thing’s for sure: people are gonna mark the shit out wherever, whenever they show up.

My top three speak for themselves.  They’ll be emotionally engaging, technically brilliant, and with the extra pizzazz of the Mania weekend, unforgettable. These will be amazing matches.
3. Bayley vs. Asuka
2. AJ Styles makes Wrestlemania debut vs. Christ Jericho
1. Shinsuke Nakamura makes WWE debut vs. Sami Zayn

 Hope you dudes have as much fun watching as I will.  Even though we won't be watching together in person, you will be with me in spirit.  Looking forward to hearing your pre- and post-Mania thoughts.

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