June 28, 2012

ROH Best In The World 2012 Review!

So maybe I’m catching up…I don’t think I’ll do complete notes on the older PPVs I’m working on, but this PPV was just this last weekend. Hopefully with The Marshall and I reviewing these Rusty will start watching this stuff; so here we go ROH BEST IN THE WORLD 2012.
    The Briscoes vs. Guardians Of Truth. Guardians Of Truth are two masked guys that look exactly the same. They were kinda pointless. The did twin magic and I felt like I was watching a slightly better 1980s match with like the Masked Enforcers or whatever they were called. Maybe this is building a storyline. Who knows.
    Eddie Edwards vs. Hoicide.  I was watching Kurt Sutters’ Outlaw Empires and the first episode was about the Crips. Organized crime is so interesting to me because I find it ridiculous. I’m not a huge fan of The Godfather, Scarface, The Wire etc. They’re all great interesting pieces of art, but they’re almost like comedic pieces to me. Homicide has always bugged me because I find his character just ridiculous. Such a talent with a gimmick of being a gang member. I just don’t take him seriously because I’m a white honky from Oregon.  So yeah, I can’t take Homicide seriously; which makes me kinda bored by his matches.
    Kyle O’Reilly vs. Adam Cole. The Marshall was glowing about this match. I wonder if they didn’t change the outcome in the middle of the match. That was intense. Adam Cole was a legit bloody mess. Wow. Just Wow.
    Fit Finlay vs. Michael Elgin. Elgin’s promo really reminds me of somebody, and I can’t quite place it.  The crowd chants “Perry Saturn” at one point. Finlay makes him look lost the entire match. Poor guy. It’s like William Regal fucking with Goldberg.  Interesting match.
    Mike Bennett vs. Mike Mondo. Was Mike Mondo in the Spirit Squad?
    Roderick Strong vs. Tomasso Ciampa vs. Jay Lethal. Ciampa seems to be doing an insane Steve Austin gimmick…but he’s pulling it off. Just change his tights. This match was fun. I like the elimination style three ways so much better. It’s ECW style and not the style where we get constant interruptions from the guy not involved in the pin. Great character building and storyline building.
    Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team vs. All Night Express. The crowd chants “Jackie Swallows” which I found to be completely untrue since Charlie Haas and Jackie Gaydos have like 4 kids or something. That’s about all I have to say about this match. It’s like WGTT are working WWE style in order to be better heals. Interesting. Oh and I guess the ending was kinda shocking.
    Kevin Steen vs. Davey Richards II. Nothing to do with the match…but I love the “Kill Steen Kill” shirts in the style of “Rise Above Hate.” Kinda awesome. So after reading The Marshall’s notes I get Davey Richards now. He’s Ken Shamrock. I think this match was a much better match than their first one. Honestly think this one had a little more psychology involved or at least a better plot. They throw a lot at you and it made me actually sit on the edge of my seat even though I’d already heard who won. Mostly because I was wondering what they were going to do next. Oh….and that promo at the end was classic.
    Anyways….I don’t think this PPV was actually as good as last month. The main event was better, but some of the undercard was a little lacking…but then I just re-read through my notes and thought “wow…this was pretty awesome” maybe it’s just how I’m feeling today. A little loagy. Anyway….it’s been fun. I’ll definitely have more soon.

PS. Steve Corino’s commentary was classic. “Don’t choke him with the chain! People get fired for that!”

June 27, 2012

ROH Border Wars 2012 Review

Poncho Man here. This might be a few months late and I know that The Marshall has already covered this but I’m going to review RING OF HONOR BORDER WARS!! I’m working on getting a bunch of their iPPVs. Honestly I try to keep up with ROH. It’s probably been my favorite all around promotion for a few years now.  About every 6 months or so I randomly decide to find some and watch the hell out of it.  So lets break it down.
    Rhino vs. Eddie Edwards. I’ve always been a fan of Rhino. What I like about him is that he’s always in the henchman role, but he’s good and scary…unlike say…Umaga. Umaga wasn’t ever impressive to me. It’s nice that he took a pay cut because he realized TNA sucks and put on a pretty solid match. In any promotion on tv…they would have made this match a total squash. That’s what I love about ROH, monsters can still loose to normal shaped/sized guys.
    All Night Express with TJ Perkins vs. Young Bucks and Mike Mondo. I heard Mondo was maybe coming to WWE. The Young Bucks remind me of a more annoying version of Spanky’s WWE gimmick. For some reason I can’t remember Spanky’s WWE/TNA name. I don’t have a lot to say about this match.  It becomes a crazy spot fest toward the end which I was expecting. So yeah…a not very important to me ROH match is better than a not very important WWE/TNA match.
    Tamasso Ciampa vs. Jay Lethal.  If The Marshall remembers….the catapult into the Section C sign needs to become a Jay Lethal move. They should capitalize on how funny that was and the pun. ANYWAY….I don’t  know about the rest of this rivalry, but the announcers really do a good job of selling this. They made it really intense and I really want to see the rest of this fued and for it to continue, but I have a weird feeling Lethal might be going after the ROH Title.
    Mike Bennett vs. Lance Storm. I thought Storm was retired so I was stoked to randomly see him. Maria as a heel is kinda awesome. I think one of the best parts of ROH is they don’t go after the HUGE named guys WWE or TNA gets rid of….they go after people like Finlay and Storm..both teachers of wrestling and guys like Haas and Benjamin who were always so solid but can’t really do good promos for their life. This was a solid match and it was great to see Lance Storm come in and really make a young guy look good.
    Adam Cole vs. Michael Elgin. Elgin looks like he won’t be in ROH very long. Can he do a promo? He reminds me of Perry Saturn. Built like a brick tank and fairly innovative. His power-bomb is ridiculous and beautiful.
    Roderick Strong vs. Fit Finlay. Finlay takes one of ROH’s biggest stars to school. Go watch this.
    The Briscoes vs. Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team. One of the last times I was really excited about ROH was when Haas and Benjamin made their debut. It was a great tag match….I think it was against Chris Hero and Claudio Castignoli. Anyway….Shelton Benjamin. Remember when he had that “Doing it for momma” gimmick? It always made me mad that he wasn’t the greatest talker….but they wouldn’t just turn him heel, where a suit and call him Mr. Benjamin. It’s all about Mr. Benjamin baby.  The Briscoes are scary and they’ve always bugged me.  They’re like smaller versions of New Jack. This match was booked ECW style and I really don’t think it really utilized what Haas/Benjamin do. Still pretty fun.
    Davey Richards vs. Kevin Steen. I think I’ve said this before or that I wanted to but Kevin Steen is great. He started in a tag team with El Generico and over a few years they built an amazing feud. The feud would be over in 2 weeks in WWE, but ROH made it awesome. It went through a few different companies. It  started during the ROH/CZW feud. Kevin Steen will probably never make it to WWE because he’s chubby.  I don’t think I’ve seen much Davey Richards. Was he a guy that when ROH changed all their tv stuff that they thought would be a “pretty face” for the company?  He’s not bad, but I don’t’ really feel like he has a personality.  Match was solid but Kevin Steen needs guys that are more intertaining than  Richards to face as champion.
    In the end….I can’t believe I just watched 3 and a half hours of wrestling without fast forwarding, without being bored, and without seeing any skits. I’m just so happy that this company exists.

PS. AJ is the most interesting female in wrestling since Mickie James. Nice to see a great promo from her.
PPS. I was glad to see Sid back. He was legit scary when I was a kid. He didn’t look as good as Vader…but he’s never been as good as Vader. Slater better get a push when this gimmick is over. He’s so annoying that he’ll be a great foil for a Christian or  face Cody Rhoades.

MMS: Lollipops and Elbow Drops

June 24, 2012


So little Ole Rusty apparently got rid of the Poncho Man's phone number. So he was totally confused by the Poncho Man telling him to go watch the new NXT. Poncho Man quickly succumbed to his depressive tendencies and used passive aggressive texts to try and make himself feel better and put little Rusty in the corner. Poncho Man is quickly turning into a really weird meta-gimmick. Anyways...NXT...

What a show it was. Seriously, I might have had more fun watching this than I have RAW in quite awhile. Why? Because it was wrestling. Great build up for debuting characters (Tyler Black/Seth Rollins, Your new favorite Husky Harris, etc) and just great gimmicks all around.

The Ascension!? I have no idea what this is...and if they can even work...but they seem pretty exciting. Like if I had cared about "The Brood" back in the day.

IRS' other kid has a big goofy smile and looks 14 going on 40. (Bo Dallas/Rotundo).

JR and Regal with great commentary which wasn't reminding us of some dumb story line with whoever is the "general manager" at the time. Oh and who is the general manager?!?! Goldust's daddy!!! He's booking?!?! Are we gonna see random arm bleeding!?!

Damien Sandow Alert!? I always thought we needed a new Genius.

Oh...and by the way...the 20 minute long Tyson Kidd vs Michael (Why did they give me this name?) McGillicuty match wasn't too shabby either.

Anyway. Until Robocop rescues me, or my poncho frays away......I'll be yours...The Poncho Man Sandy Ravage.

June 18, 2012

No Way Out of Poncho Man's Review

So Uhhh....I was really excited to watch this. I was telling Mr. Rusty that I was avoiding all spoilers which is insanely weird for me. I almost wish I had.....

Sheamus vs Dolph Ziggler. Pretty good match. The house seemed stoked. Which was weird because later in the show...the house was dead. Ziggler worked his ass off. Not sure which was better...This or Sheamus vs Bryan. I think maybe this was just good because the crowd was hot for Ziggler. Good ole Spirit Squad.

So I really felt like we were off to a great start. But then we get a tuxedo match. Whatever.

Christian vs Cody Rhodes was great. My second favorite match of the night. This was really great. I like these guys alot. Just a well paced, smart, great match.

This is where I noticed this was a roller coaster of a crappy ppv. The tag match was just kinda dumb. Tyson Kidd of course scores the highlight of the match. Duh. I think the big problem was that this match was pointless for me. I hardly knew why I cared. I'd honestly had never seen the Uso's wrestle before, or if I had I don't remember it. Whatever. Some crappy NXT guys won and whatever.

The Ladies Match was just absolutely killed by the crowd. Dead. So dead. Layla does the funny taunting that seemed kind of out of place and more built for a house show. As I said after the last PPV, this is just a distraction til Kharma comes back.

Sin Cara vs Hunico. Mood lighting doesn't bother me. Both are pretty good wrestlers. Hunico is probably more well rounded. Still didn't care. Wasn't Hunico the fake Sin Cara? No mention. None. Or am I high? Vince really thinks people don't remember what happened three weeks ago because he doesn't. Bullshit. Shawn Michaels started doing the figure four a full two years before his match with Flair at Wrestlemania. It made sense. He was planting seeds. Seeds need to be planted. We all remember Vader and he was mostly a WCW guy! Ug.

Best match of the night obviously goes to Punk/DBD/Kane. Just a great solid three way. What I really liked was the sparingly use of the third man interfering in the pin. So many kick outs. It really built the guys up to be great superstars rather than being losers that have to get the fresh man to save them. Glad they're keeping the soap opera aspect out of the great wrestling. I love the soap opera aspect. I watched All My Children my whole life. Anyways...good match. Felt bored I had to sit through a bunch of crap before it.

Speaking of crap. The Ryback wants three guys. This sounds like my gay roommates dream. Whatever. I'm horrified of Ryback having matches against the real talent. He looks sloppy, scary and out of control. Just like Goldberg. Of course I read Vince loves him. I'm just waiting for the internet to tell me "Tyson Kidd gets seriously injured at house show facing Ryback. Out 12 months."

Okay. I was really really hoping for a great Big Show match. I had just reviewed that old Summerslam and I was stoked. While he had some really cool spots in this match, it was slow and lumbering and all the drama was created by the outside. I really really really really hate having Cena doing this every month he fights an impossible challenge bullshit...but by the way...he can't beat CM Punk. I don't care about Johnny. I don't care about Vince. I don't care about the Funkasaurus getting involved. Just a cluster of boring garbage. Turn Cena heel already. Please Please Please.

So yeah. I give this PPV the Rollercoaster review. Good, followed by Crap, followed by good. a sweet loop de loop,  some crap, a crappy hill that isn't scary, three loops in row. ending with the crappy water splash in your face that makes you made and then comes back into the station where now you have to go wait in another line for a month hoping the next roller coaster doesn't suck so much.

I guess three good matches is better than the Matterhorn.

June 12, 2012

Just got these 4 awesome tapes today. Reviews on the way.

June 11, 2012

Summerslam 2006 Review!

I spent the day eating barbequed hamburgers and watching Summerslam 06. Don’t ask me why I pulled out this oldie but goodie. It’s honestly one of two PPVs that I purchased as soon as they came out on DVD because of match listings or what I heard or didn’t hear about the PPV. The other one was from 2007. I won’t tell you what it was in case I review it later.
    The other thing about this PPV is that I didn’t really care about the main event. In fact while I watched it today I fast forward through it. We’ll get to that later.
    Match #1. Rey Mysterio vs. Chavo Guerrero. This is a pretty decent match. I think Dave will think I’m crazy but I’ve always felt that Chavo was an all around better wrestler than Eddie. From the days with Pepe to the days of completely mimicking Eddie’s style. Chavo has always made me happy. Eddie sometimes made me feel dirty. I don’t really know what to say about this match other than I miss Chavo. He’s a guy that really deserved the big push.
    #2. One of the main reasons I wanted this PPV was The Big Show vs. Sabu. Now this is no way a classic match, there are tons of botches in it (Sabu is highly sloppy, but that’s kind of what makes him loveable). I’ve brought it up a few times but I loved Big Shows run as ECW champion. Heyman screws RVD to get behind Show and all hell breaks loose. Heyman did a great job booking WWE’s ECW for the first year. Some of it was hilarious and cheesy, but it was a losing battle to get Vince to realize he could have a show with a completely different style than what Raw and Smackdown are. This match is pretty brutal. It starts with Sabu chucking a chair at Big Show. It cracks me up. Great stuff and a great example of how Kurt Angle and Benoit were idiots in thinking that going to WWE’s ECW was a demotion.
    #3. Layla gets hazed by the Divas in the shower. You see her g-string and her ass quite a bit. Nuff Said.
    #4 Hulk Hogan vs. Randy Orton. Another great reason to buy a PPV. Wish I’d known that Hogan was completely broken down and would have the audacity to win this match. Hogan’s Second WWE run started out so good and then in his last two WWE matches (I think it was Michaels and this) he throws his weight around to win both. Garbage. You are not a full time wrestler and losing to both of those guys would have helped the entire roster. No wonder WCW went out of business and TNA sucks. McMahon is out of touch sometimes, but Hogan is just dumb.
    #5 Ric Flair vs. Mick Foley. I Quit Match The main match I wanted to see. I think I’d read or reread all of Foley’s books at that time and was stoked. Flair had called Foley a “glorified stuntman” in his book. This match is a brutal bloodbath. If you read Foley’s The Hardcore Diaries you’ll learn more, but  man I fucking loved seeing Flair completely covered in blood and thumbtacks with tons of barb wire. It may not be a classic wrestling match, but it tells a story (Melina does great work), it completes a feud based on things outside of just tv based wrestling, and it was fun. Mr. Nickles…this match may not be for you, but I’ll recommend a  great Spirit Squad match for you.
    #6 King Booker vs. Batista. I don’t like Batista. His style is boring. He was only good in Evolution as a henchman where his boring style made sense. My favorite runs of Booker T were his feud with The Rock where he created “The Book End” and theorized that he was better than The Rock and should be called The Book.  This was my other favorite run. King Bookah! He was always just great at being delusional. I can’t remember if I liked Harlem Heat or not. I don’t think I cared. So yeah…Booker T being serious = dumb. Booker T being delusional = Awesome. I have nothing to say about this match.
    #7 D-Generation X vs. The McMahons. Wow. The only part of this match I liked is when  Shane goes for “Coast To Coast” or better known as the VanTerminator and Shawn super kicks him mid air. I thought it was a little “in” joke of saying “The bosses son shouldn’t steal moves.” The McMahons shouldn’t be wrestling. USE YOUR TALENT THAT YOU HIRE AND DON’T STEAL SPOTS, and don’t create really dumb spots for guys like The Spirit Squad. By the way, CM Punk’s OVW stuff  feuding with Spirit Squad is pretty funny….I’m trying to remember if it was The Marshall’s writing on this site that made me aware of it, or if it was somewhere else. Whatever…I shouldn’t get so passionate about this.
    #8 Edge vs. John Cena. Yep. Here’s the main event that I didn’t care about. This was the height of “Super Cena.” At least he lost. I really liked Edge’s run with Lita. Sad that Lita retired and Vicki took her place. Edge didn’t need Vicki like so many others did. You know what might make me like Cena? A “live sex celebration with Cena and The Coach.” I like listening to The Coach on ESPN Radio. The Coach was great. More love for The Coach. John Coachman. Yay. Go Coach! Coach. Coach. I’m trying to get The Coach over.
    Okay. That’s my review. I hope it was Coachtastic.

June 10, 2012

The Newish Rock DVD

So it was a big week of wrestling for me. Not only did I get the ECW DVD but I also got the newer Rock dvd. The one with the documentary and two discs of matches.

Quick review.

I think I already knew everything on the documentary. Nice reliving some of his early appearances and they did a good job of showing how fast he grew as a performer.

I apparently missed out on most of his heel run from around 2002. I don't think I was watching at that time, but holy crap. He loses the title to Brock Lesnar (in what was actually a pretty good match) and turns heel and does some hilarious promos. One of his first "Rock Concerts" where he bad mouths Sacramento and tells them they'll lose to the Lakers made me really really happy. What's great is that he's a pretty brutal heel and gets waaaay over. There are boos....then suddenly the boos are like "yay! you made fun of us."

Still hate the Nation Of Domination.

Can't decide if he had better chemistry with Triple H, Austin, or Foley. Maybe it's just that those three guys are so far and above everyone else. My roommate was watching the Foley match where he hits him with a chair like 20 times, and then we went upstairs and found that he'd almost burnt my house down. Smoke everywhere. It's been a few days and it still stinks. I blame The Rock for being too entertaining.

So yeah, big belt buckle period I completely missed and was pretty awesome. He was always better as a heel. In fact he might have always been a heel, but people just loved his catchphrases. He coined a billion of them. The dvd tells me that also. Whatever....watch it if you want to.

In other news. Christian was on TNA tonight. Or should I say Christian Cage was on TNA tonight. Apparently he loves the TNA fans. Oh...and he "sold out." So apparently realizing that your career is going no where in a no where company is "selling out." Good for him.

Good Night

June 07, 2012

So here is the leaked picture of the new WWE championship belt. I was kinda bummed to have it spoiled but oh well. I decided to post it here to get your thoughts. I kinda feel that it looks unfinished. Which it very well could be. It's lacking color and detail that will make it look important. The thing needs to look like it's worth money, like it's a big deal to carry it around. This picture just looks blah.

But like i said, it may not be finished. Let's hope it turns out cool.

What do you think?

June 06, 2012

Written Rusty Report 6.6.2012

Hey pals. Long time no see. I took a little break from talkin about wrestling but now im back. I didn't quit watching wrestling that whole time. Actually i kept up with it better than i usually do. I just didn't feel like talking about it. Well, I still don't feel like talking about it. So today ill type bout it. Lets me dip my pen in the red ink and we can start with RAW.

Raw has sucked kinda bad lately. I'm not sure if it's the show or me. I have been watching it alone for the past few weeks and i find that kinda boring sometimes. Instead of going on a huge rant, ill just tell you what i liked and didn't like

Other than the intro with Cole and Cena (which we will get to in a minute) I likes the begining of RAW. I didn't think it was a bad idea to have Shaemus and Ziggler go at it again. Their match on Smackdown was great and i liked seeing them go at it again.  Sin Cara and Hunico was good too. I actually like the blue mood lighting in Sin Cara matches. I found this one fun. Lots of fancy arm drags. And then we got to see my favorite wrestler of all time, RYBACK!!!! Great so far. Just fun wrestling.

I'm not sold on this Kane, Punk, DBD thing. They dropped the ball on these dudes. Sure, they are all great and always put on a good show. But Punk and DBD can be so intense and give promos with suck conviction that it's sad to see them in a week story like this. So when the punk and kane match came on i kinda tuned out and stayed out till the end of the show. The finale did draw me in tho. And made me hate wrestling. What are they thinking with this shit? I was pro cena back when he was cutting serious promos pre Wrestlemania. But this cute goofy jokey supercena is absolutely horrible. It's embarrassing. I hate it. And i really cant stand heal Cole, So these two losers in a match really pissed me off. And it just kept getting worse. I don't need to see Tensai. I don't need to see Cole in a headlock apologizing. And I don't need to see Cena beat the shit out of a defenceless guy for no reason. This sucked really bad. I would be really mad at the WWE about the state of wrestling if......

.....Smackdown wasn't so awesome. Man, smackdown is a great show. It has some really great things going for it. Damian Sandow is super cool. I love his gimmick and he keeps it going thru the match. I am really looking forward to seeing more of him. The Ryback match was his best yet. The jobbers he crushed screwed up their promo so bad that i busted out laughing. I thought the ziggler and shaemus match was PPV worthy. The tag match with Titus O'Neil and Darren Young was good. I love those guys. I think they are a great and classic tag team. Smackdown has a lot of fresh faces which is nice. With RKO gone for 2 months it will be interesting to see how the show changes

So that's raw and smackdown. I bitch but i watch so they must be doing something right. My next podcast will touch on TNA and my new fav guy Brey Wyyat. TTFN

Poncho Man's Long Winded ECW DVD Review

So here’s something to really cut your teeth on. ECW Unreleased Vol. 1. OH MY GAWD! 7 hours of craziness. Hosted by Joey Styles. YAY!!!

Most DVD collections that WWE has put out with ECW matches in the past have been the extremely bloody or short on matches. Not to say that “The Rise and Fall Of ECW” isn’t one of the best documentaries they have done, but it’s nice to finally have a collection of matches that may or may not be brutal to relive what ECW was really about. So I’ll try to give you what I thought were highlights and might actually seem kind of random due to not really wanting to break down every match on this collection.
    We start where it all began with the match that Shane Douglas tells all the former NWA Champions to kiss his ass. The match itself is a really weird kind of boring mat wrestling match against 2 Cold Scorpio. Maybe they were trying to make a statement about old school NWA wrestling so ECW would really seem new and different in the coming months and years.
    We see the beginning of the Tommy Dreamer/Raven feud. How awesome is it that this feud went on for years based around Beulah being fat at summer camp and now being a “Penthouse Centerfold” as Stevie Richards so eloquently puts it.
    Stinko Malenko really steals disc one for me especially with his match with Eddie Guerrero. I remember seeing this match years ago and I always think about how I never really liked Eddie’s WWE style of wrestling. Not to say he didn’t have great matches with a lot of people, but his Lucha/Cruiserweight style was much more interesting to me than his more traditional stuff.
    The end of disc one is Chris Jericho vs. 2 Cold Scorpio. This match is very odd to me. It’s actually quite fantastic, but it doesn’t really have a storyline to build off of, and for some reason the crowd doesn’t seem to be all that into each successive “big move.” It almost reminded me of Punk/Jericho at Wrestlemania where it was kinda sloppy but still good. 2 Cold Scorpio was always quite good, but looking at him and listening to him was almost unbearable.
    Disc 2 brings us RVD and Sabu vs. The Eliminators. I’m pretty positive I’ve seen some waaaaay crazier Eliminators matches in my time. Total Elimination is one of my favorite tag team finishers. Speaking of dream matches, this really just makes me want to see The Eliminators vs. The Steiners. One of the great things about ECW is that the tag teams would usually win over the single stars getting together to form a tag team. Where as when WWE would put their two top guys together for some stupid storyline, they would almost always beat the actual tag title holders because of the stupid pecking order.
    Bill Alfonso rules. He had a stable that included TAZ, Sabu, and RVD. That’s waaay better than Dino Bravo, The Barbarian and The Mountie. Anyway…Taz vs. Sabu. Nuff Said.
    Every time I see a Shane Douglas match I think two things. 1. It’s a shame he had such a combative attitude and never saw his day in the sun. 2. It’s really not surprising no one ever pushed him. I can never tell if he was actually better or worse than Lex Luger. Bam Bam Bigelow is one of my top five big men of all time. He’s like this great substitute if Vader isn’t available. Their match is a little boring to me.
    Sabu & Rob Van Dam vs. Hayabusa & Jinsei Shinzaki. Holy crap. Shinzaki was in WWE for a short time and I can’t remember his name. He had fake kanji tattoos all over him. This match is awesome. Please go watch it.
    RVD and Jerry Lynn probably had the greatest feud ever just based on in ring competition. There was no “storyline.” It was just amazing. I remember watching like what seemed like 3 hours of just their matches. It was all just fantastic. This is really the genesis to me of what ROH was about. I was disappointed that Jerry Lynn was broken when TNA did their dumb ECW PPV. Who knows if it would have been as awesome but getting close would be a great match.
    Disc 3. Shane Douglas vs. Taz is kinda pointless. They wrestle in the crowd for a long time and Sabu shows up. Then Sunny and Chris Candido. Weird run ins. Sunny was wearing like weird mom jeans.
    When I started watching ECW all the time the Impact Players were the like star heels. Lance Storm and Justin Credible. Justin Credible is the best name in wrestling. RVD and Jerry Lynn vs. the Impact Players is just kinda awesome.
    Oh Mike Awesome vs. Masato Tanaka. Remember the WWE ECW ppv they had where they had a rematch. Joey Styles goes off about how much of a prick Mike Awesome was. Truthfully…how much of a prick can a guy be when he campaigned to have his WCW gimmick be “The Mullet Mike Awesome.” This match has always been incredible. So many tables. Tanaka just gets killed. Totally Awesome!
    By the way…the little blurbs in between matches are Joey Styles talking about stuff. Not super interesting but better than “We were so brutal and innovative and it was such a great time in our lives.” He goes off about Mike Awesome again, but includes the whole story (apparently never been told….I won’t spoil it…I knew a bunch of it).
    After Tommy Dreamer wins the title ECW kind of died. Not that the rest of the matches on this dvd or what actually happened wasn’t good, but Tommy winning kind of ended the story of ECW. Watch the DVD…I think you might know what I mean.

Anyway, that was super long winded and kind of random….but hopefully you’ll either go watch it now or loook into some of the awesome guys I just mentioned. In my head RVD is still the television champion, and WWE didn’t drop the boat on everyone. Too bad they have made tons of money off these old matches, but basically got rid of every single ECW guy in the last few years. Okay….this was too long…sorry…I’m done.

June 05, 2012

MMS: A Fly in the BBQ Sauce

Next week my sister is coming to visit, so I probably won't be doing another post for a while.  Maybe I can talk her into watching a show, and recording an interview segment.

Edit: after posting this, I realized it should have been titled "BBQ Sauce on the Fly"  ...but maybe not, I dunno.

June 01, 2012