June 29, 2011

RR Punk edition

My recorder ran outta batteries so i had to send it in 2 parts.


June 28, 2011


HOLY SHIT man, I just watched the punk promo. My ficking mind was blown. Oh man. that guy is the greatest. I couldnt believe the shit he said. Work or now i dont fucking care. I actually hope to god it was a work. It had to be actually. They could have cut his mic at any time. HOLY SHIT HOLY SHIT. He's our boy!


full report tomorrow

Marshall still Matters to me, Dammit

Here ya go, you glad-handing, nonsensical, douchebag yesmen, it's the Marshall Matters Show!


This weeks episode has absolutely no negative comments about wrestling. Suffice to say, the show is several minutes shorter than usual, and the impact segment only lasts about 5 hamburger seconds.

I had some technical difficulties this week with the microphone, but I was able to cover everything I intended to, I just had to re-do parts of it. Hopefully you won't even be able to notice.

I realized as I listened back to the show that I say the word "suicide" when Chris Benoit's theme is playing. Oopsie!

cheesy sausage dog with ranch sauce-ily yours,
Quarter Marshall

June 27, 2011

It's real, it's damn real

I got two words for you, Rusty Report

June 26, 2011

im stupid

Hey man. Sorry for the lack or Rusty Reports. I have been about a week behind on wrestling for a while. I would have a report for you tomorrow but we (the minders) are recording and i dont have time to watch till about tuesday. Well thats not true. Once it gets really boring ill prolly put on some headphones and catch up.

I love your show BTW. it often trumps watching actual wrestling. Please keep it up.


PS. i hope you know that im devastated about cm punk leaving. It's such a bummer. Maren is pissed too. Life sucks

June 21, 2011

Marshall Matters 6 21 11

Presenting proudly installment 4 in the ongoing fake series about fake sports, in which Capital Punishment, TNA being retarded (again), and CM Punk's Raw announcement are discussed at some length.


Truly yours, Quarter Marshall