January 27, 2016

MMS: Post-Post-Rumble-Raw DriveCast

The banner I made of our reaction shots didn't come out very well, so instead of putting it up top, I'll just post it down here:

It's hard to get a shrug across on the camera, though I think Poncho succeeded where I failed.  Rusty's choice maneuver is even easier to decipher, I think.  Two #1 signs for the best swerve finish ever, amiright?

January 24, 2016

MMS: The Most Confusing Ladder Match

The Marshall's Cup is Two Quarters Full

You aren't totally psyched for the Roman Rumble?  Get behind the hype Dude, we're on the Road to Romanmania!  Who won the Rumble last year?  Who won it the year before?  Before that?  Before that?  I don't know Bro, but they were probably the most awesome wrestlers, and when they won, it was all like, "yeeEEEEAAAHHhh!!!!" with high-fives all around and stuff.  And the stakes are so frickin high this year!  Come on Dude, like, how sick would it be if Triple H won the belt?  Picture it Bro!  And what a historical night would it be if Roman Reigns overcame the odds and retained?  Like, holy shit Dude!  What's Brock Lesnar gonna do, like fricking murder 10 guys?  He's the Beast Incarnate, Bro!  Who else is in this match again?

Honestly, I am excited for it, but only for one reason, and it's not even a sure thing.  I want to see AJ Styles in WWE, and, like Shoemaker said, on every single countdown, all 30 of them, all the marks (myself included) are holding our breath in anticipation of the arrival of something impossibly great (I believe "the ghost of Bruno Sammartino, no wait he's still alive" was the example given).  If AJ debuts, I'm gonna lose my shit, then I'll be despondent when his Romanmania match is set up by getting thrown out by Dolph Ziggler.  But I'll tell you exactly what I want to see: AJ win.  It would carry on this amazing cross-promotional meta-narrative, with AJ winning heavyweight titles all over the globe, most notably the IGPW World Heavyweight Championship in his very first match in New Japan.  If history repeated, and AJ won the WWE World Heavyweight Chompyonchaw in the Roman Rumble, that would be an incredible moment, and I'd be back on WWE like barbed wire on a kendo stick.  (Technically, it wouldn't be AJ's first WWE match, but functionally it might as well be.)  If Anderson, Gallows, and Balor debuted in the Rumble also, to help secure AJ's win, all the better.  I figure (like most people do) that Balor is the one that WWE really want to invest in, but all the more reason to debut him in a subordinative role (like they did with Edge-- they only brought the indy vet Gangrel in to debut Edge, and Christian was always just Edge's friend to the bookerman).  Styles wins the Heavyweight title, Bullet Club 2.0 run rampant for a while, then Balor rises up, defeats, and eclipses the rest.  Two year story, minimum.  (What's that, Roman and Brock are injured?  Okay, I guess we can fast-track it to culminate in April...)

It's the most fun PPV to fantasy-book, but we come up with so many awesome ideas that it hasn't lived up to expectation since, I dunno, 2007?  Almost a decade ago.  I wasn't watching then anyway.  Maybe the trick is to keep expectations low, but not SO low that you don't bother watching at all.  Keep the expectation level at IV out of X.

January 23, 2016

Royal Rumble...2016 Edition...Preview...

Hi guys. I think Rusty is living kayfabe only right now. So uhhhhh.....spoiler alert? I guess. I haven't heard anything other than basically the obvious. So here's the preview.

Darren Young and Damien Sandow vs.The Dudley Boyz(Bubba Ray Dudley and D-Von Dudley) vs.The Ascension(Konnor and Viktor) vs. Mark Henry and Jack Swagger
I guess this is the preview to find out which tram gets into the Rumble. It also makes no sense with random tag teams and no meaning. Sandow is gonna be on tv? I love Rick Viktor. Whatever.

Some guy just walked into the bar and sat next to me. He smells like a bottle of Heineken. This is why legal weed is irritating. :)

The New Day Vs The Usos for the World Tag Team Championship
Poor Franchesca. I miss thee already. I don't really have anything to say about this match. I know they won't but I want to see The New Day do their own Haka before the match where they say Franchesca instead of Samoa. Heat....from Samoans.

Charlotte vs Becky Lynch for the Women's Championship
The build for this wasn't terrible. Ric is getting actual heat....which is impressive and weird. Becky cut a really good promo on RAW I think last week. This will probably still be pointless.....

Alberto Del Rio vs Kalisto for the United States Championship
Only Stardust and Titus have wrestled more on TV lately. Fifty fifty booking is dumb and so is Del Rio's corner finisher stomp thing. Every opponent has been beaten down so much that they are stunned into holding themselves up in the Tree Of Woe instead of just letting go. Makes me furious when I see it. Go Kalisto. You're the best.

The Lakers are getting killed by the Blazers. Hissss.

Dean Ambrose vs Kevin Owens for the Intercontinental Championship
This was actually the best feud going for awhile. It was compelling without being the focused on thing. It seems to have cooled off lately....I'm wondering who solo Dean Ambrose really connects to. What type of person. Children? People that liked The Shield?  Roman fans? Do they feel obligated? Seems like the Owens/Brock feud isn't happening and they're going with Bray instead. Ice cold Bray. Or it will be Strowman vs Lesnar and be one of the worst matches ever.

Are we a part of the IWC? I don't post anywhere but here. I sometimes read or hear how they can't just book for the small vocal audience on the Internet. Are people trying to say that the things we want wouldn't appeal to everyone? The only time I can get people in my universe into the product is when they do things that appeal to people like us. There doesn't seem to be much logic in the argument. Maybe they're trying to say that my social circle is small and unvaried. Or maybe Punk was right when he said McMahon is a millionaire that should be a billionaire.

The Royal Rumble Match
After watching The Resurrection of Jake The Snake Roberts...can we get Jake in the Rumble? That would be adorable. I have no idea who would be a better "Legend" this year. I think Hacksaw is working for GFW. I certainly won't be holding my breath for a Sunny appearance (ever)...."oh...fuck my ass" will be ingrained for awhile.  Does any injured person make a miraculous recovery? Cesaro and Orton are the only ones that seem mildly realistic. I wonder when DBD will have a five star classic with Okada. Are we really gonna have the TNA Royal Rumble? Cheap Heat never told us if there was 30 healthy guys on the main roster (minus the six that will be eliminated in the preshow...apparently).

Long winded rants. I don't mean to sound sad...but how does one become so excited for something that could very well be awful? Is it just that last year was probably the most dissapointing Rumble match ever?

Enjoy guys. Have fun.

January 20, 2016

My show is back. Way better than RAW this week.

So during John Cena's United States Championship Open Challenge vs Stardust...Nick Nemith was offering Nicole babies and marriage. Nicole slapped him.

Saraya still hasn't told her boyfriend that she doesn't want to be engaged, but she's in Japan, so she went to a cat cafe.

Bryan made watermelon jelly with watermelons from the garden.

Nick Nemith is incredibly good at being sarcastic about John Cena. He says that "he's manly, lifts heavy things, and says inspirational things....so those are great reasons to be with somebody....but it sounds like a 13 year olds' Instagram account."

Brianna wants to find things for Bryan to do, but he says he thinks about wrestling when gardening.

Saraya's mom found out she's engaged off TV apparently. This leads her to telling her boyfriend Kevin she doesn't want to be engaged. Her boyfriend has a really stupid Stevie Ray Vaughan tattoo on his forearm.

Nicole tells John about Nick's marriage and babies proposal. He tells her that he isn't going to challenge him to a duel with a white glove. Nicole is mildly disappointed he isn't furious.

Just thought you guys should know.

January 16, 2016

Dino v Ibushi gif

This one goes out to all my sentimental texters out there

January 11, 2016

MMS: Too Sweet Rumor: Is it Reeeeeal?

Hop in for the drive to town of a lifetime... yeah you know podcasts are great for commuters, but did you know commuting is also a great time to record a podcast of one's own?  Cuz who's got the time, am I right?