May 31, 2011

Marshall Matters Ep. 01

Okey Rusty, your call is answered. I made a podcast style wrestling opinion program to engage in dialogue with the Rusty Report. I call it Marshall Matters. I used a headset/mic that Alice got to Skype with, and a freeware program called Audacity to mix background audio. I'm not trying to apologize for myself, but I will point out that I've been real sick, I needed to edit out a lot of coughs, and I didn't sleep at all yesterday or last night, so if this is terrible I have no idea. I just really wanted to get this made today. The only thing I left out that I wanted to mention is towards the end- I talk a bit about TNA Turning Point 2004, and mention that there were some old famous guys on the card, and some guys who were yet-to-be-famous. I talk about the older guys a little, but forget to namedrop RTruth as being a notable star-to-be. Also, on TNA Victory Road 2004 (which I don't talk about at all) a young Evan Bourne (with a different name) has a few cool spots in a battle royal xdivision match. It also may be worth mentioning that Wildcat Chris Harris, who was recently (and briefly) brought back to no great effect, was the absolute man 7 years ago. Other than that, I think I covered everything that's been on my mind.

I'm not sure if gmail will want to handle this 30 mb file, so I also uploaded it to:
for your convenience.

The background music tracklist is: Dusty Rhodes, Ricky Steamboat, Cactus Jack, Taka Michinoku, Four Horsemen, Big Bossman, Disco Inferno, The Mountie, Linda McMahon, Lance Storm, and the Bodydonnas.

time wastingly yours,

Quarter Marshall

rusty report 2

Im going to skip TNA this week. i dont have much to say about it. Look for a report on raw tomorrow


May 25, 2011

Rusty Report