March 02, 2016

When Sunday: A Wrestlemania Poem

When Sunday, Shane fights Undertake
what difference will on Monday make?

Myriad ramifications
(including decapitations)
cross my mind as I imagine
outcomes plausible to happen.

While TV shows of recent bearing
leave the Universe uncaring,
memories inversely lighten,
turning shadow into Titan.

The prodigal, thus reappeared,
claimed birthright and was roundly cheered,
but who among us could portend
what change a new regime would rend?

If Dead Man's Vince's fighting goon,
could we extrapolate that soon
the Chairman and the Phenom, paired,
are soon for retirement prepared?

The match result periphery
involving the Authority
is easier to understand,
as Steph and Trips may soon be canned.

Approacheth now this mise-en-scรจne:
the Daughter, Ghost, and two McMen.
Is this a cross-roads?  Possibly.
As usual, we wait and see.
Whatever outcome, bliss or hell,
we fans sit locked inside their cell.

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  1. Wow. Way to make my honkyish blogs look bad. :)