April 27, 2015

Extreme Rules TOTALLY Review!

I thought the butt kissing thing was made up by Kayfabe News.  Wow, it was real.

Usually with the WWE shows and PPVs, I don't really care, but maybe I'll tune in and maybe see something cool.  Neville is a good example, I caught a few of his main roster matches, and he's still awesome.  I think this Extreme Rules show is the first one when I've actually felt like I really really didn't want to see it.

WWE's got me so bummed on their crappy programming that I haven't even watched NXT in like a month.  Damn!  Good thing there were about 9 hours of Chikara to watch this week!

Did you guys hear that TNA hired Billy Corgan for some big job with talent relations and to refresh their creative direction?  There has to be a good joke in there...  Maybe Bram will come out to "The world is a vampire"?  That was lame.

In other news from today, Verne Gagne died and Davey Richards got engaged to Angelina Love.  There has to be a good joke in there, maybe not about Verne Gagne, but... Hey, I didn't know Davey Richards was gay.  Hm?  No?  Also lame?  My bad.

I heard that King of the Ring was going to happen, and I got excited.  I heard it was just going to be TV, no PPV, I was still excited.  I saw the list of 8 competitors, I was really excited.  I looked for the second list of competitors....  Hey, where's Block B?  You can't have a wrestling tournament in a promotion of dozens of guys, and then just have 8 competitors!  Suck!  Damn!  Oh, who am I kidding, I don't have any ROH, NJPW, PWG, Chikara, NOAH, or anything else to watch, so I'll probably tune in for Raw tonight.  For their weenie little tournament.  Maybe I'll also watch the new Jerry Springer network show, because I'm not depressed enough already.

I'm thinking Saturday, the 16th of May would be a good time for a Wrestlemarathon.  We could watch the previous night's Global Wars, and some other stuff, then order the second night of Global Wars on iPPV.  If we have iPPV capabilities.  None of us have laptops.  Poncho, is it possible to watch iPPVs at your place?  Anyway, it's a Saturday, which is the best day for me.  I work Thursday, Friday, and Sunday.  Even if we can't catch night 2, the first show is still stacked as hell and we should watch it together.

April 25, 2015

Poncho Man's Extremely Extreme Extreme Rules Preview

Holy fucking shit. It's fucking Extreme fucking Rules and shit! Things are getting fucking wild here at SCW. We're doing fucking zines now. Rusty watched some fucking NJPW without us. The whole fucking world is fucking nutty!

Kiddaro vs The Mother fucking New Day
Who is the fucking faces here? It's a fucking heel fest over here. Four bad guys at once! That is fucking extreme!!!! Go Kiddaro! !!!!

Dolph Ziggler vs Sheamus in a Kiss My Arse Match
HOLY SHIT GUYS!!!! There is going to be fucking butt kissing after this fucking match!!!!! Extremely fucking extreme is butt kissing!!!! Along with braided fucking beards.

Dean Ambrose vs Luke Harper in a Chicago Street Fight
Is this event in fucking Chicago? Are either of these guys from fucking Chicago. I know a fucking guy named Kellen Terrett in Chicago. Knowing these two guys....we're going to the EXTREME here. I'm extremely excited to watch this extremeness.

Roman Reigns vs Big Show in a Last Man fucking Standing Match
Who cares about this fucking match!

Nikki Bella vs Naomi for the Divas Championship

Daniel Bryan vs Bad News Barrett for the Intercontinental Title
I will be extremely fucking disappointed if this match doesn't happen. I'll also be extremely fucking scared and sad. I'm fucking nervous.

John Cena vs Rusev in a Russian Fucking Chain Match for the fucking US Title
Fucking STF with a chain! That's totally extreme! !!!! Remember when it was the STFU!?!?! Now that was fucking totally extreme! Cause it was an extreme pun!!!!! Puns are fucking EXTREME BABY!!!!!!

Seth Rollins vs Randy Orton in an extremely convaluted stipulation match for the WWE World Heavyweight Title
STEEL FUCKING CAGE!!!!!! SOOOOOO EXTREME!!!!!!! Extreme Kane is gonna extremely guard the extreme cage!!!!! I can't quite extremely believe how extreme this is and the extremely fucking extreme feelings I'm feeling about this. EXTREME.

HEY GUYS!!!!! Extremely come visit me!!!! I don't do anything on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. I watch lots of fucking extreme tv....then I go to work. Being single is extreme!!!!!! I have like 8 bottles of Willamette Valley Vineyards wine (extreme bribe?).  We can do EXTREME level DDP YOGA like I'm doing now.  It will be crazy fucking EXTREME! !!!!!!!!


April 20, 2015

It's Still Real Forever

For some weeks now, I've been thinking regularly about who my favorite wrestlers are, or would be, if I made a list.  Not that I'm sentimental about it, I just like putting things in order.  I had too hard a time comparing active wrestlers to retired ones, so I made two separate Top 10 lists.  Either one could change tomorrow, they're not super-serious, but they were fun to make (while I was watching Mercury Rising) and I wanted to share them.  The challenge is on, if you guys have any interest, to make your own lists.  If you post them on this site, I will read them.  And that's a promise.

10. Low-Ki
9. Hiroshi Tanahashi
8. Roderick Strong
7. Kota Ibushi
6. Seth Rollins
5. Jay Lethal
4. Kazuchika Okada
3. Daniel Bryan
2. AJ Styles
1. Shinsuke Nakamura

10. Mitsuharu Misawa
9. Eddie Guerrero
8. CM Punk
7. Manami Toyota
6. Riki Choshu
5. Terry Funk
4. Stan Hansen
3. Steve Austin
2. Ricky Steamboat
1. Bruiser Brody

I know we're all itching for another Wrestlemarathon.  I need to go to Eugene sometime next month to see an art show.  Rusty, if you're available to come down at any time (my schedule's pretty easy), and Poncho, if you're willing to host, I propose we try to plan this out sooner than later.  It would be cool if Wrestling Dontaku is on our viewing list, and that comes out on the 3rd.