August 25, 2015

MMS: The Brooklyn Trilogy

August 11, 2015

August 02, 2015

Poncho Man's Ultima Lucha Preview

So technically Ultima Lucha started last week. They decided to do 2 weeks and make it a three hour show. This is Lucha Underground's big event to close out the season (praying they come back, this show really is amazing and tells great stories. It's like adult high production value Chikara). So I have nothing else to do right now so I thought I'd catch y'all up. I already watched the first spoilers but it was Awesome!

The Mack vs Cage No Disqualification Match
So the former Willie Mack takes on LU's version of a WWE wrestler. This randomly got booked at the last minute when The Mack did a quick roll up to win a victory over Brian Cage last week. I like also that it's mildly meta seeing The Mack wrestle a huge WWE type guy when he go released before he ever started.

Son Of Havoc, Ivelisse, and Angelico vs The Disciples Of Death for the Trios Championship
So, Son Of Havoc and Ivelisse used to be boyfriend and girlfriend. Angelico was the guy trying to flirt with Ivelisse. Then they all hated eachother but we're forced by Dario Cueto (owner of The Temple) to form a trio. They won the titles even though Ivelisse had/still has a big cast on her leg. The Disciples Of Death are Miles Muertes cronies that are controlled by Katrina's rock. They are super evil.

Drago vs Hernandez Believer's Backlash Match
Hernandez said dragons aren't real. The fans revolted. So now Dario Cueto invited a bunch of fans to stand outside the ring with leather straps. They can use them to beat on any opponent that leaves the ring. Crazy lumberjack match gimmick.

Gift Of The Gods Title Match
Bengala vs King Cuerno vs Sexy Star vs Big Ryck vs Jack Evans vs Fenix vs Aerostar
So all of these guys won medallions over the last few months. It was revealed that your medallion is part of a belt that you can win, and then cash in like the Money In The Bank briefcase.
Bengala is a tiger.
King Cuerno is a hunter.
Sexy Star is a lady that Johnny Ace once called fat.
Big Ryck is cigar smoking Ezekiel Jackson.
Jack Evans is a crazy high flyer that used to be in ROH and is he's rad.
Fenix just rose from the dead after Mil Muertes killed him, and he's supposedly the brother of Pentagon Jr and son of Fuego (Fuego seems a little maybe a different Fuego). Fuego is Tristan ' s favorite Lucha or because of his dance.
Aerostar is from the cosmos and will soon be in PWG and Chikara.

Johnny Mundo vs Alberto El Patron
Grudge match based on when Mundo turned heel and threw El Patron into Dario Cueto's office window. These guys are so much better with the shackles off. I just miss Mundo's slo-mo.

Texano vs Blue Demon Jr
If I watched AAA this would probably mean more. Texano is a huge star in Mexico and Blue Demon Jr just turned heel on him. I think AAA is about to have a huge PPV...maybe I should watch it?

Vampiro vs Pentagon Jr Cero Meido Match
Pentagon Jr has been breaking people's arms for months now. He does it as an offering for his "Master." Vampiro finally took offense and got involved. Pentagon Jr got  pissed, doused him in lighter fluid and said if you don't fight me, I'll light you on week. It was kinda funny, but Vampiro decided to come out of retirement and have this match where I have no idea what the  Zero Fear stipulation means. Should be fun.

Prince Puma vs Mil Muertes for the Lucha  Underground Championship
Mil Muertes is like a super evil Undertaker being controlled by the vixen Katrina that licks your face when you lose or are being challenged by Mil. Prince Puma is Konnan's trainee that has been champion basically since the beginning  (he's also Ricochet). Mil earned a title shot and made it personal by (with the Disciples Of Death) attacking Konnan and making Puma watch, and of course then laying out Puma. Should be interesting.

Other points of interest. There is an Asian girl in Dario Cueto's dungeon next to his  brother (who happens to be a monster). She wants revenge for her parents, and her trainer can't save her because a prophecy says he'll die if he enters The Temple. Chavo doesn't have a match, but I'm guessing he'll be involved. We also don't k ow what Marty The Moth's deal is (very likely a next season story). Anything else you need to know? I feel like I'm missing tons of awesome back story, but whatever.

Tomorrow is the Poncho Man's birthday. Pretty sure he's gonna head to Seal Rock and do some wrastling perusing. It's been a rough week and I need to go relax or something. Blah. Poncho out.