September 28, 2012

You Might Say The Poncho Man Has Been Sidelined With Injury......

Till today!!

Yes! Finally the Poncho Man has returned to this website! So the two........and I said two Poncho Man fans can get there money worth.

18 hours and 45 minutes of Wrestling has been consumed since Wednesday of this week. I would go home and watch more tonight, but I have to stay at work until 7 AM. So here are some thoughts on what I've watched so far.....

I said this to Rusty the other day...Night Of Champions was a big bust for me. About the only thing I liked was Punk holding the belt above his head for 2 minutes. None of the matches were particularly memorable. Even the solid Punk/Cena match just left me cold knowing that apparently Heel Punk can't beat Cena, but good guy Punk can (how many times this year?). Just kinda pointless

Caught up on Dragon Gate USA's last two PPVs. Now Rusty...if you catch up with Evolve you'll know who I'm talking about. first...There is a match on Untouchable 2012 of Samuray Del Sol and El Generico vs Cima and AR Fox that is incredible. I highly recommend tracking it down. An incredible mix of Lucha/Japanese/and What I'll call for lack of a better term American Indie. It is definitely the best match I've watched since getting back in the game. Apparently Del Sol and Generico have two awesome matches in Evolve. I'm hoping to watch 2, 3, and 4 in the next week or so.

Side note....The Kentucky Gentleman Chuck Taylor, The Man Scout Jake Manning, and The Swamp Monster or the Gentlemen's Club is my new favorite faction is wrestling. Everything they do is gold.  I'm also confused as to why Chuck Taylor and Johnny Gargano hate eachother...but wrestle with each other in Chikara.

ROH Death By Dishoner X. I guess this was okay? I think The Marshall said something about all the technical difficulties. I don't think I got the whole show either. I liked how Steen vs Rhino was booked ECW style. Elgin seems to have finally put his foot down and I'm looking forward to Elgin vs Steen.

I think I've watched 3 of the 10 Chikara shows that I was behind. What's nice about this stuff is that I'm not really that into the wrestling...but every match has a storyline no matter what. Best matches El Generico vs Dasher Hatfield, Hatfield vs Kingston, and I really enjoyed Tim Donst vs Sara Del Rey. All the hair obsession was priceless. It's kinda sad to me that Del Rey will soon be gone and guys like El Generico and Hatfield will only really work in the indies.

The moral of the story and really every post I do about indies....I'm a complete mark for El Generico. He makes me happy.

BTW: I think I might start watching Pro Wrestling it has been described as Chikara but not PG.

I have no girlfriend, I have no wife, I have no life, but I'll always have my wrasslin'.

September 27, 2012

Mat Classics: Japan Number One Forever

First off, thank you for requesting a Terry Funk mat classic.  I had a fantastic time this afternoon rummaging through my files and watching old Funk Brothers matches.  There was one among them that I knew I had to share.  This is it.

Terry Funk and Dory Funk Jr. v. Stan Hansen and Terry Gordy
August 31, 1983

PS: Keep watching after the match is over!

September 25, 2012

MMS: Countdown to Chikara

The regular part of the show is only about 10 minutes this week, then it's all Chikara.  Poncho, if you're still trying to avoid Chikara spoilers, I give plenty of warning before getting into those details.  I would actually recommend that neither of you listen to the last 20 minutes of the show, and instead watch the King of Trios tournament yourselves, cuz it was AWESOME.  But if you don't care, don't have the time, or are just eager to hear the results, look no further than this fake podcast.

September 19, 2012


Rusty Nickles Rat Clasicks

Just so yall know, I'm not caught up on wrestling yet. I'm waiting for the roomies to wake up so i can watch it with them. It's 1 PM and i'm going nuts waiting. So to kill time i thought i would dig up a Rat Clasick for you. Now, this one isn't so bad as the junkyard "hardcore" wcw match i gave you last time. This one is actually cool. But i still think it fits under the Rat Clasick name.

1991 WWF Royal Rumble Report
(I cant embed it for some reason, so here is the link)

I remember watching these things as a kid and i absolutely loved them. I loved them even more than watching the actual wrestling shows. They were so exciting, they hyped up matches and made them feel so huge. I was a total sucker for this stuff. And they also showed a lot of wrestlers in a short period of time. I still get excited when they go thru the list of participants. Great stuff. Clasick, but great.

September 18, 2012

September 12, 2012

Rusty Report: thoughts from the dinner table

Well gang, No podcast from me today. I just pulled out my recorder and it got no juice. And i dont have any AAA batteries anywhere in this big ol house. So i guess all you get is a little typing.

I am super behind on Smackdown. I never watch it anymore. Kinda sad. But i have been so busy that i never get around to downloading it. Plus with the 3 hour raw i see almost everyone every week anyway. ALSO i dont give a shit about RKO, Shaemus or ADR. So that is kinda sad too.

NXT is still awesome. I love the feel of the show.It's like a old territory or something. They should light it badly and let people smoke. Then it would be like the good old days. 

I'm glad that Seth Rollins won the belt. I like him a lot even tho his intro dance thing is stupid. And i know what he is doing, it's a punk rock dance, I know what it is and i still think it's dumb. I cant imagine what people must think if they don't know what it is. 

I missed half of RAW last monday. When i got home from practise i looked at facebook and saw a bunch of posts about Lawler. SO i watched the show from the half way point to see how it happened. It was really scary and sad. I never have had a problem with lawler and consider myself a fan. The guy is wrestling and a total legend. I though Cole did a great job with trying to keep the match going while his friend was basically dying beside him. What a horrible situation. It's actually a good thing that it happened on tv. They have medics right beside him. If it was before or after the show he probably would have died.

They better make Cole a face after this. His real emotion turned a lot of people on his side.

So you know i absolutely am not glad that Lawler had a heart attack. But you also know i love watching wrestling without commentary. Where everyone else in the world was creeped out by the silent matches, i loved it. I love hearing the stadium and the wrestlers move. It feels like you are really there. So other than the horrible news and stuff, i liked the lack of commentary.

CM Punk has been great as a heel so far.  His other than the way he was with jeff hardy, his heal persona was less realistic. This one is probably killing the Cena fans. He is such a slimy cocky jerk. It's great. PLEASEEEEEE don't take the belt off him!!!!

I'm kinda offended at kane and DBD being the #1 contenders for the tag belts. What a way to squash the PTP's. I love team friendship or whatever they are called but come on, if anyone can be in a tag match once and be considered a tag team why not make Cena and Orton a team and they can be champs forever. Stupid and lame.

I finally watched the web show Are You Serious this week and i loved it. I loved it so much i watched all 30 in a few days. It's a great show, just not long enough.

Well yall, that's it. I don't think i'm going to do the Rusty Report anymore, i have been meaning to change things up for a while. by this sunday i should have something new for you. 

September 11, 2012

MMS: Four Leaf Cloverleaf

Sorry, the site that hosts the streaming mp3s doesn't seem to be working today.  I've been waiting for hours, but the file's still "pending".  I'll try again tomorrow, but if you can't wait (and why should you) here's a link to download this week's like-um-y'know-cast:

September 04, 2012