August 04, 2012

WWE NXT 8/1/12

So, I thought about putting this on the forum, but I was really feeling like the main site needed to be updated soon.

I'm not going with spoilers here because I'm not sure everyone has watched this, but I had a really weird thought about this episode of NXT. They have started the "Gold Rush Tournament" to find the new NXT Champion. Great. They're building stories. Totally excited. This whole roster is pretty fun to watch. Especially Rick Victor. We've all been following it for weeks.

Then I watched this episode...and I'm watching Richie Steamboat and Leo Kruger...and I's fucking awful. A slow paced bore of a match and Leo Kruger's heel performance is about as strong as a Dino Bravo vs The Warlord match. I was pretty confused because I don't remember like hating what he'd done before, but this seemed awful.

Show continues with Big E Langston (whatever) and Raquel Diaz (she might be better than The Beautiful People and LayCool) and I feel the show is back to normal.

Then out comes Drew McIntyre and Seth Rollins for another tournament match, and suddenly there is a really really really weird spot where McIntyre crawls under the ring like he's hiding. Rollins' grabs his legs and gets pulled into hitting his head. So the second part works (I guess) but the first part makes no sense. It made McIntyre look weak and scared.....then I realize something...

Dusty Rhoades is booking this shit, and this week he's gone all Dusty all over us. Honestly, I didn't know if he was actually booking or just helping or just a figure head before, but this episode sealed it. They must not have had another writer helping out. I was just waiting for somebody to randomly start bleeding from the arm. totally freaked me out that suddenly I felt like I'd time traveled back to the late 80s. It wasn't all bad, but jeez. I just wanted to see if you guys agree or even notice. Until next time....

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  1. That's a really funny observation. I've found myself blaming Dusty for quirks in FCW before, though I have no idea whether or not it's justified. The shoe fits, anyway.

    I have to agree with your assessment of Leo Kruger. He had a run as FCW champ for several months this past year, but I never enjoyed his matches or character. Ricky Steamboat is super talented, but needs to figure out character a little more. He was actually a decent heel a while ago, but his babyface persona (and promos) need some work. He's young, he'll probably figure it out. With his good looks, talent, and name, there's no doubt he's going places.

    I actually like Big E Langston, but wish he'd grow a big beard or something. He looks kind of nerdy. He's a total powerhouse and is clean in the ring, he could be a big deal in the future if he can sell a look.

    Drew McIntyre blows. Seth Rollins is really fun to watch when he has good competition.