August 29, 2012

Rusty Nickels - checkin in

I have taken a break from SCW a few times in the past. And usually i wasn't keeping up with wrestling at those times. But this time is different. I am fully caught up with summerslam and raw, i;m just so ding dang busy that i have no time to talk wrestling. I have about 5 minutes right now so here are a few points.

Heel CM Punk! How about that. Shaved head = bad guy. I love it. He is getting mean and can  draw heat like no one else. I'm excited to see more, even tho everyone is guessing that he will lose the belt soon.

DBD is amazing and can make a dumb bit about anger management funny. Kane is super amazing and his history in the bit made me crack up. Awesome.

Cena, Punk and King had great promos last night.

I love the 3 hour raw. It feels less rushed and we get real matches.

Miz is almost worse than ever. He came back and is using his tired shit still. The only new thing about his is that he has different hair and he whispers "awesome". He is a guy pretending to be a wrestler. Lame.

HHH - I dont need 3 packages about how you are awesome. I like HHH but JEEEEEEEEEEEZZZZZZZ

Damian Sandow is the best ever.

I feel sorry for the Divas.

Summerslam was full of good wrestling and not a lot of shocking story stuff. I loved the double submission hold. I thought they were going to have 2 champs, give cena his belt back, give punk his own belt, and have them in a match at NOC to see who the real champ was. I was so excited. But then AJ started the match again and that was stupid. I liked how punk won tho.

What else? I dunno. I am 2 weeks behind on NXT so i dont know who the champ is yet. And i have been out from smackdown for a month. I might get good cable soon so i can watch smackdown again. WHo knows.

Well thats it. No time for spell check. Gotta go dig 4 inches of dirt out of the basement floor, clean my old appartments oven, have the final walk thru and have band practice!

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  1. UPDATE. Just dug out the 4 inches of dirt. It fucking sucked