August 20, 2012

Poncho Man's Overly In Depth Summerslam Review Part 2: The Review

 Summerslam 2012. Okay so the PPV was pretty good. Better than the last one..probably because the under card was stronger. There are tons of spoilers! SPOILERS ON! I'll maybe make a few of the winners in white text so you can't read them. Or something. GO.

Cesaro vs. Marella
This was a lot of fun. This match was one of the few times that Santino’s silliness really worked. By the way…new champion Antonio Cesaro. The Cobra cost him the title because the Cobra thought Maxine was hot. You could totally see that Cesaro is used to being the straight man amongst silliness (ie Chikara and Colt Cabana). This was so much fun to see in the middle of the day and I watched it with one of my clients. Only sucked because I think he enjoyed the Wu-Tang videos we were watching before more.

Ziggler vs. Jericho
The best match Jericho has had since he’s been back. They didn’t have a lot of time so they packed it in and had a really fast paced match that got to the point so quickly of having false finishes that you actually get involved in it. It was like “wow….7 minutes in and I have no idea who is going to win this.” Vicki was great at ringside and I love that she’s getting involved like a good manager should.  Only disappointment….the feud is over…Jericho is gone…Jericho is your winner

DBD vs. Kane
The reason this match works is that everything Kane does is crisp. It’s how he’s kept his job for uhhh….15+ years? Bryan works his tail off but the power moves were paced so well and made DBD look great. We may not be huge Kane fans (who is?), but there is a reason they keep him around. He’s like a big man technical wrestler. Short but sweet and made both men look good. DBD wins

Batstyrio vs. The Miz
Mysterio is wearing a Batman esque costume.  The predominately Mexican American crowd  in LA turned on Rey Rey at some point during this match. It’s not bad….we’ve had 3 pretty good matches and it’s been less than an hour. This show so far and Raw a few weeks ago have just been booked fantastic. By the way…I’m writing notes while I watch. The Miz wins...duh.

Sheamus vs. Del Rio
Del Rio gets screwed. This match sucked. I think Sheamus’ music says something about it being all the same, and that’s about what I think.  The PPV starts to lose me at this point.  I’m adding this note the next morning but…..both title matches end in weird screwy endings. Sheamus wins with Del Rio's foot on the rope.

Prime Time Players vs. Kofi and R-Truth
I think the best part of this match was the very loud Kobe Bryant chant. Go Lakers!!!!! Abraham Washington would have had so much heat if he was at this PPV. It’s at the Staples Center in LA and he made a joke about their (and my) beloved superhero basketball player. I think it would have been Vicki level heat. Prime Time Players get buried.

Punk vs. Cena vs. Show
What I liked: That Big Show really led the match. He was aggressive. He looked so dominant that it put both Punk and Cena over. I wasn’t bored with the power moves, and he didn’t just get AA’d in the first few minutes and lay outside the ring for 5 minutes. I liked the Big Chops at the beginning, because the crowd was hot and he wasn’t just shushing 12 year old girls.
What I Didn’t Like: That I knew going in that Big Show wouldn’t win. Also how weird it was. They restart the match after Punk and Cena make Show tap. Then it ends really really really fast. I have a feeling I know how they’re booking Mania this year already, and I’m not too happy.
Punk wins.

Brock Lesnar Vs Triple H
Wow. What a difference a few years makes. I love Brock Lesnar. Maybe it’s because his matches are so unlike everything else, but this felt so brutal and legit I got a little hard under the poncho. I marked out when they start talking about his stomach issues. I marked out ever time Paul Heyman was doing old school managing (Paul E Dangerously style baby). I marked out at the end. I marked out when Hunter sold the broken arm really well. Don’t get me wrong. Brock Lesnar is a horrible talker and a bad storyteller, but what they’ve built around him and his “real life” away has made him so compelling. Just Wow. Lesnar wins after breaking Hunter's arm and hurting his stomach.

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  1. Thank you! These two have been my favorite Poncho Man posts yet. I did watch the preshow on youtube last night, and loved it for the same reasons you did. It's Aksana though, not Maxine. I wouldn't have bothered to point that out except I really liked Maxine.

    Good point about Kane, by the way. I never really thought of him in that way but you're totally right.