August 28, 2012

MMS: One Savage Showdown

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  1. Thoughts and Reminders....

    My computer is kinda on the fritz (it happened hours after I picked up 4 Chikara, 2 Dragongate USA, and just finished watching Boiling Point) after a few weeks of being ahead...I'm behind....

    Bray Wyatt is injured. They thought about using him as a manager but with the Gold Rush Tournament felt he was unneeded. Dean Ambrose is coming soon to Raw (I think I heard that).

    Chiampa was legit injured in that match. I didn't like it at all because it felt completely botched to me. I don't think Lethal was supposed to get the first fall in like 2 minutes and the announcers and Chiampa all looked confused. Mixed Martial Archie really saved the whole thing.

    I was going to comment on how awful the QT Marshall 4 was thing was....for some reason I spaced Quarter Marshall vs QT Marshall while I was watching it....that matched sucked soooo bad.

    I like Kevin Steen. I think I've said this before...his feud with El Generico is classick. I did not like this Eddie Kingston match...but I'm still not a big fan of Kingston anyway. Steen brings me more "entertainment" than Davey Richards ever did.

    Keep up the good work guys.