August 09, 2012

Random Spare Change Wrestling Thoughts.

I think Rusty, at one point, you were talking about my band, and it was like suddenly slow and my music. It was kinda cute. Marshall....we're called Witchasaurus Hex if you're interested. You Tube that shit....I have no idea if you like loud slow bluesy heavy rock.

I've been waiting for the Chikara shows and Dragon Gate USA did two shows that weekend also. Waiting is hard. I think ROH has a show coming up too. All this stuff has gotten me stoked about wrestling again.

Rusty came out and saw my band play the other night and we talked about Evolve. Marshall, we need to convince Rusty to keep going. I have a feeling these shows get better and better. I'm loving current Dragon Gate USA stuff  (where most of the roster wrestles also) and it will be awesome to have like Danielson, Hero, Castignoli, Finlay etc show up in Evolve. I honestly didn't feel like I had a lot to say about the first show (hence my little post and Marshall's much bigger post), but I'm stoked to watch more.

Raw 1002. I was going to just read the results like I often do. I read a match list and got hard and decided to download it instead. I fucking loved this episode. LOVED! This was exactly what I loved about the WWE back in the day. A bunch of matches between great fucking wrestlers....that weren't totally about their main feud they are involved in, but continue to build the individuals and talk about feuds. Every week doesn't need to cram dumb storylines down my throat. Just like every other week maybe. 3 hours is great because the matches weren't all 5 minutes long. All the tertiary skits and stuff were perfect; even if they suck and were dumb....I DON'T CARE AS LONG AS WE GET GOOD WRESTLING. The storylines are almost always dumb. Stone Cold tried to kill Brian Pillman at some point, and that storyline was awesome!

DBD is incredible. I don't think they are burying him. CM Punk was way over about a year and a half before they did anything with him. They also didn't used to have a problem with people getting over that they didn't want.
I have no problem with CM Punk right now. None. As long as his matches are good I will be down with the "whiney" guy. I don't even really see him as a whiner. He's doing the pipe bomb thing still. Saying shit that will piss people off. Think about it....this is WWE's way of saying "you don't like John Cena being shoved down your throat!? Well...we'll have the "anointed people's champ bitch and complain about not being shoved down your throat." It makes me happy. I have yet to see him as a heel....I see him still as the kayfabe "frustrated with booking" champ. It's's certainly a whole lot more fun to watch right now than a few years ago with the Spirit Squad or Rated RKO or Batista and JBL. There was great stuff in there (Jericho, Shawn Michaels/John Cena feud, Edge sometimes/the building of Punk into a Superstar) but most of it was god awful. The Triple H vs Randy Orton feud was maybe one of the boringest things ever.

CM Punk made one of the ESPN sports talk radio guys show this morning. They were talking about his tweet about a MMA fighter who was a drunk driver getting a NIKE deal. It was hilarious how little Colin Cowherd gets this business, and gets what CM Punk was all about. Look up the stuff and tell me what you think.

Okay...I think I'm just randomly bitching. Tell me if all this makes sense. Maybe this is why most people don't like talking wrestling with me....I go crazy.

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  1. Amen. I think the main purpose of this site is to randomly bitch and go crazy, in order to keep us sane in the real world. Or should I say the "legit" world. Or the "shoot" world.

    I'm downloading some older Chikara stuff now because, like you said, waiting is hard. And today I realized after watching EVOLVE 2 that many months ago someone called "Heavy Rocks" recommended I check out some ROH-CZW crossover stuff from 2006, and I took that advice and downloaded over 23 gigs of it, and then put in a folder in a folder in a folder and then forgot it was there. Why am I downloading more, am I nuts? Why am I writing more on this site when I already wrote a page this morning?

    Yeah, see, the main purpose of this site is to randomly bitch and go crazy.