June 06, 2012

Written Rusty Report 6.6.2012

Hey pals. Long time no see. I took a little break from talkin about wrestling but now im back. I didn't quit watching wrestling that whole time. Actually i kept up with it better than i usually do. I just didn't feel like talking about it. Well, I still don't feel like talking about it. So today ill type bout it. Lets me dip my pen in the red ink and we can start with RAW.

Raw has sucked kinda bad lately. I'm not sure if it's the show or me. I have been watching it alone for the past few weeks and i find that kinda boring sometimes. Instead of going on a huge rant, ill just tell you what i liked and didn't like

Other than the intro with Cole and Cena (which we will get to in a minute) I likes the begining of RAW. I didn't think it was a bad idea to have Shaemus and Ziggler go at it again. Their match on Smackdown was great and i liked seeing them go at it again.  Sin Cara and Hunico was good too. I actually like the blue mood lighting in Sin Cara matches. I found this one fun. Lots of fancy arm drags. And then we got to see my favorite wrestler of all time, RYBACK!!!! Great so far. Just fun wrestling.

I'm not sold on this Kane, Punk, DBD thing. They dropped the ball on these dudes. Sure, they are all great and always put on a good show. But Punk and DBD can be so intense and give promos with suck conviction that it's sad to see them in a week story like this. So when the punk and kane match came on i kinda tuned out and stayed out till the end of the show. The finale did draw me in tho. And made me hate wrestling. What are they thinking with this shit? I was pro cena back when he was cutting serious promos pre Wrestlemania. But this cute goofy jokey supercena is absolutely horrible. It's embarrassing. I hate it. And i really cant stand heal Cole, So these two losers in a match really pissed me off. And it just kept getting worse. I don't need to see Tensai. I don't need to see Cole in a headlock apologizing. And I don't need to see Cena beat the shit out of a defenceless guy for no reason. This sucked really bad. I would be really mad at the WWE about the state of wrestling if......

.....Smackdown wasn't so awesome. Man, smackdown is a great show. It has some really great things going for it. Damian Sandow is super cool. I love his gimmick and he keeps it going thru the match. I am really looking forward to seeing more of him. The Ryback match was his best yet. The jobbers he crushed screwed up their promo so bad that i busted out laughing. I thought the ziggler and shaemus match was PPV worthy. The tag match with Titus O'Neil and Darren Young was good. I love those guys. I think they are a great and classic tag team. Smackdown has a lot of fresh faces which is nice. With RKO gone for 2 months it will be interesting to see how the show changes

So that's raw and smackdown. I bitch but i watch so they must be doing something right. My next podcast will touch on TNA and my new fav guy Brey Wyyat. TTFN


  1. Hey Rusty Nickles. Ya dumb ass. You spelled Bray Wyatt's name wrong idiot

  2. My hope with Punk and DBD is that after this match with Kane, Kane will drop out of it somehow (or maybe win the title), and DBD and Punk will continue their rivalry, and hopefully it would involve more promos at that point. It's like for some reason WWE doesn't think the fans could accept Punk and DBD as being a main event without having a "veteran" involved. Politics? One last title run for Kane after years of dutiful servitude? Either way, it's definitely true that Punk and DBD could be bringing a lot more heat to Raw if they had mic time.