June 10, 2012

The Newish Rock DVD

So it was a big week of wrestling for me. Not only did I get the ECW DVD but I also got the newer Rock dvd. The one with the documentary and two discs of matches.

Quick review.

I think I already knew everything on the documentary. Nice reliving some of his early appearances and they did a good job of showing how fast he grew as a performer.

I apparently missed out on most of his heel run from around 2002. I don't think I was watching at that time, but holy crap. He loses the title to Brock Lesnar (in what was actually a pretty good match) and turns heel and does some hilarious promos. One of his first "Rock Concerts" where he bad mouths Sacramento and tells them they'll lose to the Lakers made me really really happy. What's great is that he's a pretty brutal heel and gets waaaay over. There are boos....then suddenly the boos are like "yay! you made fun of us."

Still hate the Nation Of Domination.

Can't decide if he had better chemistry with Triple H, Austin, or Foley. Maybe it's just that those three guys are so far and above everyone else. My roommate was watching the Foley match where he hits him with a chair like 20 times, and then we went upstairs and found that he'd almost burnt my house down. Smoke everywhere. It's been a few days and it still stinks. I blame The Rock for being too entertaining.

So yeah, big belt buckle period I completely missed and was pretty awesome. He was always better as a heel. In fact he might have always been a heel, but people just loved his catchphrases. He coined a billion of them. The dvd tells me that also. Whatever....watch it if you want to.

In other news. Christian was on TNA tonight. Or should I say Christian Cage was on TNA tonight. Apparently he loves the TNA fans. Oh...and he "sold out." So apparently realizing that your career is going no where in a no where company is "selling out." Good for him.

Good Night


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  2. The Rock. Hmmmm. He was my all time fav in 99/2000. I couldn't get enough of him. The last time i had watched wrestling was the early 90's where everyone was a big cartoon. So the Rock fit right into my style. This DVD sounds awesome. All the good stuff, none of the crappyness. Or maybe some of the crappyness but thats ok. I think rock gets a bad rap from a lot of fans. And he also gets a way better rap from fans than he needs. I stll like the rock and i'm going to check this out soon for sure. Joe has it on blu ray. Gotta see that shit in HI DEF!!!!!!!