June 11, 2012

Summerslam 2006 Review!

I spent the day eating barbequed hamburgers and watching Summerslam 06. Don’t ask me why I pulled out this oldie but goodie. It’s honestly one of two PPVs that I purchased as soon as they came out on DVD because of match listings or what I heard or didn’t hear about the PPV. The other one was from 2007. I won’t tell you what it was in case I review it later.
    The other thing about this PPV is that I didn’t really care about the main event. In fact while I watched it today I fast forward through it. We’ll get to that later.
    Match #1. Rey Mysterio vs. Chavo Guerrero. This is a pretty decent match. I think Dave will think I’m crazy but I’ve always felt that Chavo was an all around better wrestler than Eddie. From the days with Pepe to the days of completely mimicking Eddie’s style. Chavo has always made me happy. Eddie sometimes made me feel dirty. I don’t really know what to say about this match other than I miss Chavo. He’s a guy that really deserved the big push.
    #2. One of the main reasons I wanted this PPV was The Big Show vs. Sabu. Now this is no way a classic match, there are tons of botches in it (Sabu is highly sloppy, but that’s kind of what makes him loveable). I’ve brought it up a few times but I loved Big Shows run as ECW champion. Heyman screws RVD to get behind Show and all hell breaks loose. Heyman did a great job booking WWE’s ECW for the first year. Some of it was hilarious and cheesy, but it was a losing battle to get Vince to realize he could have a show with a completely different style than what Raw and Smackdown are. This match is pretty brutal. It starts with Sabu chucking a chair at Big Show. It cracks me up. Great stuff and a great example of how Kurt Angle and Benoit were idiots in thinking that going to WWE’s ECW was a demotion.
    #3. Layla gets hazed by the Divas in the shower. You see her g-string and her ass quite a bit. Nuff Said.
    #4 Hulk Hogan vs. Randy Orton. Another great reason to buy a PPV. Wish I’d known that Hogan was completely broken down and would have the audacity to win this match. Hogan’s Second WWE run started out so good and then in his last two WWE matches (I think it was Michaels and this) he throws his weight around to win both. Garbage. You are not a full time wrestler and losing to both of those guys would have helped the entire roster. No wonder WCW went out of business and TNA sucks. McMahon is out of touch sometimes, but Hogan is just dumb.
    #5 Ric Flair vs. Mick Foley. I Quit Match The main match I wanted to see. I think I’d read or reread all of Foley’s books at that time and was stoked. Flair had called Foley a “glorified stuntman” in his book. This match is a brutal bloodbath. If you read Foley’s The Hardcore Diaries you’ll learn more, but  man I fucking loved seeing Flair completely covered in blood and thumbtacks with tons of barb wire. It may not be a classic wrestling match, but it tells a story (Melina does great work), it completes a feud based on things outside of just tv based wrestling, and it was fun. Mr. Nickles…this match may not be for you, but I’ll recommend a  great Spirit Squad match for you.
    #6 King Booker vs. Batista. I don’t like Batista. His style is boring. He was only good in Evolution as a henchman where his boring style made sense. My favorite runs of Booker T were his feud with The Rock where he created “The Book End” and theorized that he was better than The Rock and should be called The Book.  This was my other favorite run. King Bookah! He was always just great at being delusional. I can’t remember if I liked Harlem Heat or not. I don’t think I cared. So yeah…Booker T being serious = dumb. Booker T being delusional = Awesome. I have nothing to say about this match.
    #7 D-Generation X vs. The McMahons. Wow. The only part of this match I liked is when  Shane goes for “Coast To Coast” or better known as the VanTerminator and Shawn super kicks him mid air. I thought it was a little “in” joke of saying “The bosses son shouldn’t steal moves.” The McMahons shouldn’t be wrestling. USE YOUR TALENT THAT YOU HIRE AND DON’T STEAL SPOTS, and don’t create really dumb spots for guys like The Spirit Squad. By the way, CM Punk’s OVW stuff  feuding with Spirit Squad is pretty funny….I’m trying to remember if it was The Marshall’s writing on this site that made me aware of it, or if it was somewhere else. Whatever…I shouldn’t get so passionate about this.
    #8 Edge vs. John Cena. Yep. Here’s the main event that I didn’t care about. This was the height of “Super Cena.” At least he lost. I really liked Edge’s run with Lita. Sad that Lita retired and Vicki took her place. Edge didn’t need Vicki like so many others did. You know what might make me like Cena? A “live sex celebration with Cena and The Coach.” I like listening to The Coach on ESPN Radio. The Coach was great. More love for The Coach. John Coachman. Yay. Go Coach! Coach. Coach. I’m trying to get The Coach over.
    Okay. That’s my review. I hope it was Coachtastic.


  1. When i first got back into wrestling i had a weird bias against all wrestling between 2001 and 2009. I dunno why. It just looked strange to me. I was a born again fan and the only wrestling i could handle was the stuff i was watching on tv weekly.

    Now that i'm not as much of a baby it looks like it was a really interesting time. You still have the legends from the attitude era, the new stars on the rise, and the guys who came over from WCW and WWE. I'm glad you wrote about this. Sabu (who i love, he is sloppy and wild and a nice change of pace from most wrestlers).

    So now i'm excited to have another PPV on my list. Thanks for the review. And now i'm looking forward to that Spirit Squad match!

  2. I don't think you're crazy for liking Chavo, Chavo ruled. When I wrote that Eddie was one of my 3 faves ever, I had just watched some amazing matches from his 3 disc set, and was riding high on the LieCheatSteal express. I do love Eddie, but I wouldn't include him in a top 3 of all time list. Not today, anyway.

    And faaack Hulk Hogan that muthafucken pieceashit mathafocker.