June 24, 2012


So little Ole Rusty apparently got rid of the Poncho Man's phone number. So he was totally confused by the Poncho Man telling him to go watch the new NXT. Poncho Man quickly succumbed to his depressive tendencies and used passive aggressive texts to try and make himself feel better and put little Rusty in the corner. Poncho Man is quickly turning into a really weird meta-gimmick. Anyways...NXT...

What a show it was. Seriously, I might have had more fun watching this than I have RAW in quite awhile. Why? Because it was wrestling. Great build up for debuting characters (Tyler Black/Seth Rollins, Your new favorite Husky Harris, etc) and just great gimmicks all around.

The Ascension!? I have no idea what this is...and if they can even work...but they seem pretty exciting. Like if I had cared about "The Brood" back in the day.

IRS' other kid has a big goofy smile and looks 14 going on 40. (Bo Dallas/Rotundo).

JR and Regal with great commentary which wasn't reminding us of some dumb story line with whoever is the "general manager" at the time. Oh and who is the general manager?!?! Goldust's daddy!!! He's booking?!?! Are we gonna see random arm bleeding!?!

Damien Sandow Alert!? I always thought we needed a new Genius.

Oh...and by the way...the 20 minute long Tyson Kidd vs Michael (Why did they give me this name?) McGillicuty match wasn't too shabby either.

Anyway. Until Robocop rescues me, or my poncho frays away......I'll be yours...The Poncho Man Sandy Ravage.


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  2. Dang!! Now i got heat with everyone here at SCW. Am i the heal. Naw, i'm more like the David Otunga, a guy who is supposed to be a heal but everyone hates because he just sucks. I think thats called X-Pac heat.

    I'm really excited to check out NXT now. I need some wrestling to be excited about! Raw has sucked so bad recently that i am looking for anything!!!!!