June 28, 2012

ROH Best In The World 2012 Review!

So maybe I’m catching up…I don’t think I’ll do complete notes on the older PPVs I’m working on, but this PPV was just this last weekend. Hopefully with The Marshall and I reviewing these Rusty will start watching this stuff; so here we go ROH BEST IN THE WORLD 2012.
    The Briscoes vs. Guardians Of Truth. Guardians Of Truth are two masked guys that look exactly the same. They were kinda pointless. The did twin magic and I felt like I was watching a slightly better 1980s match with like the Masked Enforcers or whatever they were called. Maybe this is building a storyline. Who knows.
    Eddie Edwards vs. Hoicide.  I was watching Kurt Sutters’ Outlaw Empires and the first episode was about the Crips. Organized crime is so interesting to me because I find it ridiculous. I’m not a huge fan of The Godfather, Scarface, The Wire etc. They’re all great interesting pieces of art, but they’re almost like comedic pieces to me. Homicide has always bugged me because I find his character just ridiculous. Such a talent with a gimmick of being a gang member. I just don’t take him seriously because I’m a white honky from Oregon.  So yeah, I can’t take Homicide seriously; which makes me kinda bored by his matches.
    Kyle O’Reilly vs. Adam Cole. The Marshall was glowing about this match. I wonder if they didn’t change the outcome in the middle of the match. That was intense. Adam Cole was a legit bloody mess. Wow. Just Wow.
    Fit Finlay vs. Michael Elgin. Elgin’s promo really reminds me of somebody, and I can’t quite place it.  The crowd chants “Perry Saturn” at one point. Finlay makes him look lost the entire match. Poor guy. It’s like William Regal fucking with Goldberg.  Interesting match.
    Mike Bennett vs. Mike Mondo. Was Mike Mondo in the Spirit Squad?
    Roderick Strong vs. Tomasso Ciampa vs. Jay Lethal. Ciampa seems to be doing an insane Steve Austin gimmick…but he’s pulling it off. Just change his tights. This match was fun. I like the elimination style three ways so much better. It’s ECW style and not the style where we get constant interruptions from the guy not involved in the pin. Great character building and storyline building.
    Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team vs. All Night Express. The crowd chants “Jackie Swallows” which I found to be completely untrue since Charlie Haas and Jackie Gaydos have like 4 kids or something. That’s about all I have to say about this match. It’s like WGTT are working WWE style in order to be better heals. Interesting. Oh and I guess the ending was kinda shocking.
    Kevin Steen vs. Davey Richards II. Nothing to do with the match…but I love the “Kill Steen Kill” shirts in the style of “Rise Above Hate.” Kinda awesome. So after reading The Marshall’s notes I get Davey Richards now. He’s Ken Shamrock. I think this match was a much better match than their first one. Honestly think this one had a little more psychology involved or at least a better plot. They throw a lot at you and it made me actually sit on the edge of my seat even though I’d already heard who won. Mostly because I was wondering what they were going to do next. Oh….and that promo at the end was classic.
    Anyways….I don’t think this PPV was actually as good as last month. The main event was better, but some of the undercard was a little lacking…but then I just re-read through my notes and thought “wow…this was pretty awesome” maybe it’s just how I’m feeling today. A little loagy. Anyway….it’s been fun. I’ll definitely have more soon.

PS. Steve Corino’s commentary was classic. “Don’t choke him with the chain! People get fired for that!”

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