April 12, 2018

Dear SCW diary

Man, what a great Mania weekend. We had so much good stuff I am still reeling. And I plan on watching a bunch of it over again tonight which is saying a lot. How cool. I love when wrestling is good. I love being excited about it. And I love how we always post a ton around mania. In 2012 we had 122 posts! That is crazy! Last year saw only 20 posts. That is sad. But this year is looking pretty good so far with 7 (not including this one). This is all getting me excited. So much that I am thinking about wrestling all the time.

Usually when I bum out I stay away from wrestling. Not sure why exactly. Maybe it is because I can't five it my full attention, or my full suspension of disbelief. But for some reason lately I have been using it as my escape. And I am positive you guys can relate. Things have been rough lately. Family stuff. It is nothing to worry about, just super shitty at times. But it is one of those things that will get better eventually. For now it sucks tho, and I am really looking forward to the time where things get better. 

My last post was so grumpy. I wasn't doing well at the time. So here are a few good things to make up for it...

GOOD THING 1 - The night of Takeover was also the first time my 5 1/2 year old niece (Emily) spent the night here (my parents house) on her own. She was so excited the whole night. Just a dorky kid. My sister and I were watching Takeover and Emily wanted to hang with us. It was so annoying. She kept getting in front of the tv and touching all my shit and talking. Annoying in the best way. She was just super funny. She was a little weirded out by people fighting so I had to smarten her up a bit. She still doesn't get it but it helped her not be freaked out. I told her they all were really friends and she liked that. She eventually realized that it was ok to boo and cheer the people. And from then on she got really into it. I even drew up her own Gargano sign that she would hold up and yell with endlessly. It was amazing. That is why I moved here, to be an uncle. My uncles all sucked and didn't give a shit about me at all. I am not going to be like that. So that night was kinda a dream for me.

GOOD THING 2 - I am not sure if I have told you guys about this, probably have, but my mom was diagnosed with cancer a few years ago. It hasn't gotten to the chemo part yet but it has still been incredibly shitty. Well, on my mom's birthday last February she came back cancer free. And her checkup this past week was the same. How fucking cool. We all went nuts with those phone calls. No matter how bitchy or grumpy I get this always reminds me that life is pretty good.

GOOD THING 3 - I started seeing someone here. I didn't want to date, but I did anyway. I used tinder because it sucked having no friends and it is kinda fun. I like feeling uncomfortable. And tinder didn't disappoint. I went on the most weird, bizarre and bad first/last date ever. So that was cool. But lucky for me a few days later I had a great first date. And it has been nothing but great ever since then. She is cool and fun and has a sunny personality. And she has a positive disposition. I am pretty exited about it while trying to hold my horse(cock)s and not get ahead of myself. But she did watch the entirety of Mania with me so that says something right? I am happy, that is weird.

So there you go guys, a SCW post almost completely not about wrestling. How are you two doing? Let me know.


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