April 06, 2018

Welcome to Wrestlemania!!!!!!

Shit guys. We are here again. It is crazy to think it has been a year since Matt and Jeff came back and flippy guy and facial hair quitter had the match of the night in the pre show. Time flies!

I am pretty excited for Mania this year. It looks like it is going to be tons of fun. It is too bad that we can't all watch together, but I expect lots of texting. Maybe we can use the chat thing in gmail so we can talk easier? let me know if you have any ideas.

ATG battle royal
Womans battle royal
205 live snoozefest
I don't really give a shit about any of these matches at all. That is why I will have so much fun watching them. The ATGBR is always fun to see all them dudes in the ring together. I am rooting for Jack Swagger big time. The women's BR should be cool. I just hope they give them more than 5 minutes. And the 205 Live match will hopefully rule hard. I have low hopes so they will all probably be great.

Brock vs Roman
oh man. so much to say about this, so little desire to type it. I'll bet we all feel the same about this match pretty much. Then again I never know what you guys are thinking sometimes. I am rooting for brock. The build was kinda stupid. We all know that Brock isn't there usually. That is how it has been for like 6 years. So why do they act like it is new? Lame shit. Well, Brock is finally going to lose the belt and get a vacation from his grueling wwe schedule. It won't be so bad I guess. Roman will become a monster face-heal and who cares. It is time to get it over with. I am just not looking forward to Brock losing to a spear and a jumping punch to the face.

(side note. I don't really care if Brock goes away for a while. His matches have been pretty lazy lately. But I will be sorry to see hayman go. I wish he would team up with someone else. But alas! or l-ass! or however you spell that!)

Styles vs Nakamura
I don't think you will like what I have to say about this. Sure, it is going to be awesome and  probably match of the night. Duh. But I don't really want it. What are the consequences?  Styles loses the belt to Nakamura, who does jack shit in WWE (not his fault at all). That sucks. But on the other hand Styles wins and it doesn't matter? Boring. I will eat this match up as a fan. But it feels like a reunion album by a once classic band. It is like that new pixies album. I am sure it is great, but I should just go listen to the old ones instead.

Miz vs Rollins vs Finn
 Oh man. I dunno what to say. I feel like the roster right now has so many great people that they just throw shit together. It is just a bummer. Also this may be a good time to say that I don't wanna see every wrestler wrestle every fucking week. It tkes the mystique away sometimes. Why do I have to see Finn and Rollins wrestle right before a match they are going to have? UGHHHHHHHHH (this match will be awesome)

Orton, Roode, Jinder, Rusev
oh god

I am in a bad mood
lets get this out of the way. Shit has been hard here in Idaho. Family stuff. And it got really bad yesterday and is still bad. I just realized while typing this that I am not feeling the best and the mad part of me is seeping out. So I am sorry about that. 

Alexa vs Naya
This feud is fucking stupid. It all blew up when Alexa was talking shit to Mickie James about Naya. All while a camera was just recording and broadcasting it live. That sucks on so many levels. First off, the wwe acts like all women just wanna hug and talk about their best friends. secondly why are  Alexa and Mickie James friends? Last summer they had a big feud. Fuck the WWE. I am not an idiot.

Charlotte VS Asuka
This is going to be so fucking shitty. Just kidding. I think it will be great. And I think they will go out there to kick ass. Go Asuka

The Bar VS Braun and secret guy
I was offended by the fucking Brain Strowman thing. How dumb. I feel like the audience thought it was dumb too. Yet again wwe goes against the character that they made up. Braun would never do that. UGHHHHH. This will be dumb and a bathroom break even tho the Bar is awesome. The only way this will be awesome is if LARS is the secret tag partner. It will probably be someone dumb that doesn't wrestle often anymore like the Hurricane (no offense Poncho).

The Uso's VS New Day vs zzzzzzzzzzz
zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz (this will be fun probably)

Kurt and Rockin' Rhonda VS The white trash neighbors who never stay out of everyone's business
I am excited for this one just for the hype. It should be fun. I wish Rhonda had someone to talk for her like Brock does. It will probably be HHH and Kurt 90% of the match with RRR pinning steph. Oh well. Still cool.

Cena VS Taker
This is CCR at TB. SO COOL!
Boy was the build up to this lame. Oh man. Shut up Cena. We know Taker isn't there. He never is. Why is it a problem now. That is like going to school on a Saturday and screaming "Oh so the principal isn't here?! You must not care at all! Everyone look! They are a bad principal now!!!!"
Fucking shut up WWE. dfahkladfhklasfklbasbjlasrbj,asf (I will mark out hard when I hear Taker's Taco Bell DONGGGGGGG)

DBD and Shane VS The best part of Smackdown
Ok so this will be awesome. 

I am sorry guys. I promise I am super excited for Mania. I should have planned to watch it with you. NEXT YEARRRRRRRR!!!!

Oh by the way, Takeover is tomorrow and it is going to be sooooo good. I love you guys and really miss you a ton. I hope you have a great wrestling weekend!!!!!

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