April 11, 2018

SCW Fantasy Draft 2018 Proposal

With all the Mania events behind us, and the Superstar Shakeup (tm) looming, I propose we do a fantasy draft.  Poncho and I did it in May 2016, right before the brand split, and it was really fun.  I remember Rusty bowed out because he was way behind.  No excuses this time buddy!  Here are the general guidelines:

We take turns picking.  Somebody goes first, then the next person, then the next, then the first person goes again, etc.  I don't know who should go first.  Actually, I have a die.  This will be totally fair.  I roll a... 6!  Poncho rolls a... 5!  Rusty rolls a... 3!  I swear that was legit.

Tag teams are a single pick, as long as they have a collective name.  For example, you couldn't pick the team of Pete Dunne and Roderick Strong, even though they were tagging for a little while.  Actually, Shelton and Gable don't have a name, but they tag together all the time, so that would be fine.  You guys get it.  3-Person factions also count as a single pick.  I don't think there are any 4-Person groups.  Managers count as a separate pick, so Rusev doesn't come with Aiden English, and Lesnar doesn't come with Heyman.

Anyone currently under contract with WWE is fair game.  Everyone in NXT, the main roster, or backstage people like Road Dogg and Poncho's friend Billy Kidman.

In 2016 we got to 34 picks each before we couldn't get any further- a total of 68 picks, which I'm pretty sure we did without looking up the rosters online.  There's a much bigger roster now, so I think we could each pick 25 for a total of 75.

We can use the Instagram chat thing to keep track, using the format like if I write "1 Fandango", Poncho would then post "1 Tyler Breeze" and Rusty "1 Naked Mideon".  Then I'd go "2 Street Profits", Poncho "2 Lars Sullivan", and Rusty "2 Viscera".  And on down the line, until Nick can't think of any more Corporate Ministry members.

Ya'll down?  I'm gonna shoot a "updated" text out now, and my first pick will be on Insta before ya know it.  Let's try to get it done before Raw on Monday, to see if Vince's picks are as interesting as ours are!

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