December 11, 2015

T-Boz, Left Eye, and Chili

Look at all these posts! Apparently December rules! Who's excited!? Think about this....CM Punk hasn't wrestled at a TLC ppv since 2011. Random Trivia.

Ryback vs Rusev
Ryback touched Lana. It hurt her. Feud!!!! Whatever.

Alberto Del Rio vs Jack Swagger US Title I think (two months ago this title was awesome...and JC had it).
Zeb and Del Rio broke up. Del Rio is Mexican, Swagger is American. FEUD!!!!!!!! WHATEVER.

ECW Originals vs The Wyatt Family
Ummm.....Tommy Dreamer and Rhyno are willing to put people over. FEUD!!!!!!

Charlotte vs Paige for the Divas Chapyacha
3 weeks ago Paige was a heel and Charlotte was a babyface. 3 weeks might be switched. Paige disrespects old guys. I don't get it. Feud?

The New Day vs The Usos vs Lucha Dragons Ladder Match for the WWE Tag Team Championship
Well....I have high hopes for the match. I guess everybody just hates The New Day. Feud.

Kevin Owens vs Dean Ambrose for the Intercontinental Championship
This could be really really good. Too bad I have no idea why they don't like each other. I've been watching all the Kevin Steen Shows lately. They're delightful. I hoped Truth Martini would be awesome like the last podcast with Colt...but he just talked about his dick. Truth should join Bullet Club.

Sheamus vs Roman Reigns for the WWE World Heavyweight Champyacha in a TLC match or something
Tater tots...or lack thereof. FEUD! Don't care anymore....Roman is awful. There is no thought process into anything.  He is like angry punching wildman...that cuts aw shucks promos about fried potato products and succotash. He has good matches....I'll be shocked if Sheamus pulls one out of him. "Golly gee guys. I want that championship...GRRRR ROAR PUNCH.....oh boy....I did it. Golly gee."

Should I do Final Battle? Or does the Marshall want to? Got World Tag League Finals to watch. Just started 1993 WCW. The Rabid Wolverine just made his second appearance. January has The 4th, 5th TNA goes live with a new champ, and I think the 27th is the return of Lucha Underground. So much good stuff coming down the line.  Anything else? No? Okay.

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  1. Wow look at all those feuds! There are more feuds in TLC than there are foods at KFC! Can't wait to hear what happened from Cheap Heat on Wednesday!

    '93 WCW sounds like a weird time. Was that still Flair/Sting/Luger, but after Vader/Simmons, and before Hogan and Savage came in? (Nevermind, I just looked it up. Half-right, as usual.)

    I did send a group text on Monday inviting everyone over for the ROH PPV (main event Jay Lethal vs AJ Styles if anyone wasn't aware). That offer stands, and I'll add to that the proposition of watching Wrestle Kingdom 10 together. The above post mentions January 4th, I assume WK10 was meant to have been attached to that date. That'll be a marathon in and of itself!

    Also in January there's the Royal Rumble, which we could speculate endlessly about, with a scattered optimism at best. Let's look at the major contenders, shall we? First, Roman Reigns, who would win among BOOs for the second consecutive year, and presumably win the title off Sheamus at Mania. Wonder if they'd lock the doors from the outside to keep people in for that. Second, there's Cena, to blah blah blah at blah blah blah. Thirdly, there's the possibility that WWE has been working us that DBD won't return, they throw him out there in the 30 spot, massive pop, huge mainstream buzz, messiah of their sagging PR, Mania main event announced... oh, it that what the fans are clamoring for? DBD vs Sheamus 3? Well, I suppose they do deserve their redemption, but it feels wicked lame at this point. Some state of affairs WWE is in when the prospect of a returning DBD has part of me shaking my head and grumbling! It must be time for me to go to bed. G'nite fellas