December 07, 2015

RUSTY REPORT : chips, pop, candy.

What is up my bruthas!It is Me, Rusty, SCW's resident mark. I watched some fudging pro wrestling today and I feel pretty good about myself. How can I not? I watched ECW today. That's natures antidepressant! How could you feel sad after a Public Enemy promo?!

I also watched the Stone Cold Podcast with HHH. Sadly I have to admit that it made me like Trips a whole lot more than i already did. So that was kinda cool. And the show as a whole has turned me around on Stone Cold. The one with Vince was great. I loved seeing his face light up when he talked about how funny it is to push people into pools. That was amazing.

The WWE network just added a bunch of cool stuff into the vault section. Smoky Mountain, Global, AWA and Mid South were all added. I watched an episode with The rockers when they were suuuuuper young. Really looking forward into checking out more of that old garbage. Especially Global which i think I watched daily in the summer of 91.

Got the Superstars The Music Video vhs today. It is still sealed so ill never ever open it in a million years. But it has two of my all time faves on it, Kona Crush and Tatanka. SO i had to get it.

WWE and NXT has sucked lately. Just the usual slump I guess till we get to the Rumble. I guess they are having really bad ratings lately. Who cares. I kinda like the Shaemus run so far. I like dumb gloating heals. They just really need to make some new stars or something. Lots of people are hurt right now and that sucks. I'm looking forward to seeing how they pull outta this.

Well that's it for now. I dont' wanna say goodbye but i gotta. My feelings about this can be found in the following link

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  1. Your list of "all time faves" is righteous. If your Top 10 list (of 6 guys) is being amended to include Crush and Tatanka, I wonder who the other two will be. Luger and Sid? Oh, but then there's El Gigante. I just grabbed your RR zine out of my bookshelf for reference.