December 05, 2015

I'll post too

Not quite sure why, but Absolutely Intense Wrestling from Cleveland started following me on Instagram. I used to watch them pretty regularly before I started cheating on my girlfriend (wrestling) with a real girl for a year. My favorite story was the drama between Ethan "All Ego" Page and his girlfriend Selezyia Sparx. They also have lots of good indie wrestlers, and for awhile had Veronica managing The Batiri and it was hilarious.

Somebody is playing all the kinda wussy STP songs that girls like on the jukebox. I got pretty lit Thursday night and listened to some STP and all of the second Velvet Revolver album. I enjoyed it much more than I usually 1 in the morn. Relate this to wrestling? Didn't BJ Whitmer come out to STP or an STP sound alike song pretty The Decade?

Snowflake! No spoilers.

The ACH vs Matt Sydal series has been kinda cool. The matches got to be kinda the same though. I think ACH might be a better storyteller than Matt Sydal. Is Rich Swann...ACH adjace? I wish him luck.

Sad/excited to see Sami Callihan back in the indies. He probably really needed to tweak his character even more if he was gonna make it in NXT. I wonder if ROH would give his body shape a shot.

I ran 12.1 miles today. Listened to AOW with 2 Cold Scorpio, Ross Report with The Dungeon Master, and TIJ with Becky Lynch. My legs feel Becktacularly elastic.

Watching Matt Riddle in Evolve is the greatest, bro. Like, his arm bar is like wikked, bro. He'd like totally beat like everyone. Bro.

My roommate is oddly obsessed with Chris Dickenson because his nickname is "The Dirty Daddy." We're also high on Peter Kaasa because he's yoked and has fluffy hair.

Sorry Rusty, this is a mostly indie post. I was watching some Bill Watt's booked WCW which made no sense. Nobody could jump off the top rope. But you could do a superplex because both guys were up there. Then there was a tag team tournament that had totally different rules. It was described as being like how there are different rules in college vs pros and how "great athletes are able to adapt." This was when Ric Flair was in WWF. It was weird. Dr. Death Steve Williams and Terry Bam Bam Gordy were a tag team that just seemed unstoppable...unless they were facing the Steiners. Then it was at least competitive.

Oh...NXT. I agree with your assessment Rusty. The show isn't really filled with anybody to get behind. I'm cheering for Samoa Joe...but it kinda seems like he might actually be there just for a cup of coffee. Zayn will be back soon. Balor does it for me when he's wearing a leather jacket and looking debonair, but the evil rasta Jeff Hardy is only cool in theory. It's like WWE trying to appeal to the Slipknot crowd...rather than the Gwar crowd. Which makes sence in popularity, but not in credibility. The woman's division took a shit with the rise of angry scary Mom Nia Jax. Alexa Bliss is my fave and she's in no way close to having a match like Sasha, Becky, Charlotte, Emma, or Paige would have. And don't get me started on the no charisma tag team division. Dash and Dawson need toothpicks and to be chewing tobacco for me to believe it.

Eh....I can't think of anything else off the top of my head. Just sending out some random wrestling thoughts. Maybe someday I'll make a book of stream of concious wrestling reviews, and pretentious hippies that love predetermined battles will rejoice.

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  1. This could be the most all-over-the-place post of all time. I'm bummed that I don't have enough time to watch EVOLVE. I've only watched NXT recently to see Asuka matches. I have no idea about anything else, but she rules. If you start a kickstarter to fund your stream-of-con wrestling book, count me in for $12. Would you consider a zine series?