December 04, 2015

Match Points: Lethal-Strong 3

Match Points is a dorky name for this, so whoever posts the next one, please feel free to come up with something less dorky.  After all, what are we, a bunch of dorks?  Welcome to Dorkchat Wrestling Online.  Dee Dub Oh!  Dee Dub Oh!  Dee Dub Oh!

Since I started my 2nd job in July, I've had a really hard time keeping up with all the wrestling I'd like to be watching.  It seems like every time I get caught up with one thing, I fall behind on another.  So, I don't know how often I'll be able to share stuff, but I'm totally down with getting some more content up in here, so let's get the wrestleball rolling.  This match is from a very recent TV episode of ROH.  The commentators will fill you in on the back story.  I just watched it tonight, so I'd love to share thoughts about it in the comments.  For me, entertaining wrestling of this athletic caliber is what makes ROH the best wrestling promotion outside Japan.


  1. I really liked this match, but it was spoiled for me weeks ago. I watched some live wrestling podcast where a chillin' bro'd out Roddy was sitting next to his new title and I think I saw an event posted on xwt that also ruined it. So yeah....this would have been shit my pants good if I didn't know. I'm half way through Survival Of The Fittest....which is a fun little two day tourney.

    Btw...I actually watched ROH TV on Comet TV at midnight on Wednesday. I did kinda pass out in the main event...but Dalton teaming with War Machine vs The Kingdom wasn't really going to rock my world. Beards are lame.

  2. Son of a bitch what a match. It was all so great. I had no idea of anything going into this thing. All i knew is that Lethal is great and I liked him way back in the TNA days. Thanks to the great commentary and the pace of the match i could keep up. And jesus did it rule. This is how you put on a good match. I loved how they could make you believe it was almost over without doin the same finishing move over and over. Like we didnt have to see the lethal injection hit 5 times before the match ended. Fuck man. A couple times i yelled out loud with a mouth full of candy from this shit. Amazing. Thanks for posting!!!

  3. I'm stoked you guys were also stoked.
    On Sunday mornings, I've been watching the show Ash Vs. Evil Dead, and I call it "church", but ROH TV is my jesus christ. Aw hay-uv bee-yun saaaayved!