August 07, 2013

The Continuing Adventures Of The Poncho Man.....

July 30th, 2013. Wake up at "The D" on Fremont Street. Immediately order a margarita from a slushie machine outside. Play a show in front of a couple hundred people for "Nickel Beer Night." Dubstep plays loudly between bands. Poncho gets scolded for dropping it like it's hot. Finally start gambling by playing one line on a penny slot. Over the course of about 24 hours...I go up 15 dollars playing this way.  I pass out watching "A Night Of Hoopla" in the hotel. The Jay Lethal vs Delirious match is one of the most highly recommended matches to watch. Looking at you Rusty!!!!!

July 31st, 2013. Everyone is still asleep, but it's DDP Yoga time. Ravage quietly does his stuff, and proceeds to pack up, get ready, and gamble more. Triple T wakes the boys hour before check out time and laughs that he feels great and has been up for hours already. This is the first day off from playing we've had, but we are traveling to Tucson, Arizona. We pull into Tucson in the evening and head to Safeway. We cause a small amount of hoopla as we're walking out as there is a copy of Chyna's book. Poncho can't bring himself to stand in line again and spend 3 dollars on something he doesn't really want? Poncho questions himself and his sanity when he decides he doesn't want it.

August 1st, 2013. While hanging out and napping, more Main Event and NXT is procured. Also, Monday Night Raw is finally watched. Triple T thinks about how hard it is to pack in even 5 hours of wrestling on the road, but he's doing it. That evening it's randomly decided that we're going to take pictures at a mansion 20 feet from the Mexican border. It's the most amazing thing the One Legged One has ever seen. He makes sure to include a Blue Demon lucha head in one of the pictures. Finally, after drinking copious tequila, One Leg passes out in the van listening to The Art Of Wrestling. RD Evans and Colt Cabana's dulcet tones are waxing poetic about wrestling when suddenly Ponch is getting touched by the 60ish year old gay half owner of the mansion. The question is asked "Do you want to sleep in the van or fantasy land?" Poncho replies with, "I'm just trying to listen to a wrestling podcast" in a very tired and whiney voice.

August 2nd, 2013. Back at home base in Tucson more wrestling is watched. DDP Yoga happens in a 3 year old's bedroom on a big number/letter mat. No...the child was not there. We're about caught up with all WWE. It's soon off to Chandler/Phoenix to move on to the next place. There is a pool and with great refrain; there are no wrestling moves performed other than some stretches and some "YES!"

More tomorrow.....


  1. Return of Black Machismo versus the Delirious Warrior ruled! The main event from Night of Hoopla was also great, the rest of the show was just kind of amusing (except when Davey Richards was trying to do comedy, and then it was just strange and off-putting).