August 08, 2013

Adventure Response Time

Ravaging D*** Dude, 

These have been some of the most entertaining posts I've ever seen on this site YOU ARE A WRESTLING G--O--D

You may have invented (or just perfected) the Wrestling Road Trip/Bender, which is something I really want to do now.

My great-grandmother-in-law went to Portland wrestling and threw cabbage at the heels.  Maybe our great-grand-relatives had a wrestling blog, too.  That would have to've been on, like, geocities or angelfire or something.  Damn, those people were old.

I heard a DBD interview once where he said something to the effect that "wrestling is like some kind of bizarre performance art" (paraphrasing).  I think the three of us are each drawn to the aesthetic absurdity which embodies the unreality of pro wrestling.  We look at it from several points of view at once, and when the pieces are added up, they equal greater than 100%, because each perspective brings with it the luggage of emotional memory.  I watch wrestling as a kid, as a teenager, and as an adult all at the same time.  It's impossible for me to grow out of it or lose interest.

Today I was trying to fix an old TV, and I happened to flip to ESPN Classic, which was airing GWF, or Global Wrestling Federation.  I've dated the episode to 1992 or 1993, and it was total shit but I ate it up like nobody's business.  Did you guys know that Harlem Heat was initially known as The Ebony Experience?  Booker T and Stevie Ray were the only people I recognized from the broadcast.  That would be like if Kai En Tai were originally called The Yellow Fever.  That's racist, so don't laugh!

This was supposed to be a comment, but then I wrote too much.  Damn writing, why am I even thinking, let alone writing?  What's this beer for anyway?  Swig o' beer for the workin' man *Slurp*

Back to business,
Q Marshall

PS is your full first name Sandal?

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