August 08, 2013

A non wrestling post about wrestling

It's rare that we post like this. And it only really happens when something crazy happens in wrestling. Well, I'm 2 weeks behind on raw. I have no idea what's going on. So I think we are all inspired to post because of the Poncho Man's super awesome tour diary. I loved reading them. That kind of weird shit is welcome here at SCW if you ask me. I haven't toured since 2009 so I really appreciated reading about it. You captured the weirdness and feeling of tour. So thanks for posting.

Marshal. Poncho. It sounds like we all come from a long line of wrestling fans. My dad introduced me to it as a kid. He doesn't watch consistently but goes to live shows and watches it with me when I'm visiting. All his red neck brothers watch it still, which I find super weird because they are really weird. His dad, my grandpa was a avid Portland wrestling fan into the 70's. My dad has very few fond memories of his dad but one was staying up late in the mid 60's with a tray of cheese and crackers and watching wrestling ( and the creature feature after it ). How cool is that. My grandpa was born in 1919 in the deep south. I dunno what wrestling came out of Tennessee but I'll bet he soaked it up until they moved to Oregon in 1962. He probably saw some classic shit.

A few days ago I was flipping thru the upper channels of our mega cable when maren interrupted me. She said we had to go meet our friends for dinner. That made me mad. Not because I didn't want to go but because I just stumbled on some ESPN classic channel that was showing Global wrestling. I was super stoked. Booker T was on the screen. I pleaded that we gotta stay. I told maren that she loved Booker T. She glared at me and we left. That show reminded me. Summer 1992. I watched some low budget wrestling every single day. I think it was on at about noon or 1. I still cant place what promotion it was. I know it wasn't WCW or WWF. I knew those well. It could have been Global. Dunno. But I remember loving it even tho i knew it was cheap.

I gotta catch up on wrestling dudes. Goodnight!!!!

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  1. So weird that we both randomly found GWF on ESPN Classic this week. I found it on the TV at the cottage you stayed at, and almost sent you a pix message of it, but couldn't get a clear image. I've since set a tivo to record every episode.

    As far as missing WWE TV goes, don't worry about it. Since the Raw after MitB, it's all been totally non-essential. You haven't missed anything.