August 07, 2013

Adventures In PonchoLand Vol. III

August 3rd, 2013. Triple T wakes up with a runny nose. He is allergic to cats. This gets fixed with a shower, a Zyrtec, and the Bohemian Bracelet maker waiting for me on the kitchen counter. Later a small child shoots me with a Nerf gun, so I throw him in the pool. I threatened a power bomb, but the small child knew not to mess with the Poncho Man. This was the Poncho Man's birthday and he went to the mall. His giant mutton chops, Lakers jersey, flip flops, and safety sunglasses were not the hip fashion. The final show of the tour was at the "Rogue." It was gross, but the group did their final DDP Yoga stretches outside. Got into the van and spent 21 hours driving back to Eugene.

August 5th, 2013. Poncho meets his parents in Ashland. Luckily, they let him watch Monday Night Raw. They also tell him that Portland wrestling superstar Dutch Savage passed away on August 3rd. The Poncho Dad tells the story of how Great Grandma would go watch the matches every Saturday when she lived outside of Portland.

August 7th, 2013. Just finished watching last weeks NXT. Really enjoyed the Zayn/Dallas vs Cesaro/Kruger match. The whole show was good minus Mason Ryan being a worthless piece of trash.

In conclusion, Poncho Man has no idea if this was actually entertaining or needed to be done. He'll soon be back to his normally scheduled routine, but this has been a crazy 3 weeks or so. Poncho looks back and kinda realizes the point to all this was that he lives a pretty wrestling filled life. Even before he got back into it (big time in the last few years, partly thanks to you two.....hats off) he was constantly making references or allusions to wrestling that most people wouldn't get, and he'd have to explain (or not).

I recently told The Marshall how impressed I was with his art and currently his dedication to his wrestling sketchbook project. It was completely fascinating looking at that stuff and seeing movement through another's eyes abstractly. Being a musician, I guess I could write songs about wrestling or write music that might be played on wrestling, but I have no interest in that. I think where it most inspires me is the sure absurdity of it all. I love art that is absurd (extreme volume, extreme virtuosity, extreme colors, etc). I love the fact that I've taught almost every person I know about "YES!" and how ridiculous it is, but people love doing it...even if they don't like wrestling.

Most of this tour/trip I've been super ridiculous positive. The last few years have been really tough and lonely and depressing for this was quite the change (Van+6 dudes is quite the change from underground living room by oneself). So as I said earlier...this mix of DDP Yoga, cigarettes, energy drinks, booze, wrestling references, and positivity is what the Poncho Man is all about.

I hope I didn't hijack this thing with non-wrestling talk too much. For some reason I just felt this was a good place to share.

OOOOoooooooooooh Yes!

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