May 22, 2012

Poncho Man's Over The Limit Musings.

Okay, so I've watched 3 Pay-Per-Views in a row. So maybe this little blog here is so much fun that I feel obliged. Who's complaining? Not you two panty waists.

So, Let's see....Christian turned face. I'm confused. Who cares...they're pushing Christian again.

I love Vicki Guerrero. My favorite manager since The Brain. Jack Sagger got a new haircut. Sexay. Pretty decent tag match that I didn't care about. Vicki and Ziggler are soooo much better than everything they give them. All of these guys are decent wrestlers, but I just get this feeling when I watch Kofi of "where did you come from? why do I care about you? why did you used to be Jamaican? why why why?"

A Divas match that was obviously just filling time for when Kharma comes back and feuds with Beth Phoenix. Beth looked like she put on some face fat. Maybe she's upset about the big break-up. I like The Miz. That dance shit was funny, entertaining, and got him a lot of heat when he's facing a character specifically geared toward children. Smart booking. Decent match.

Christian vs Cody Rhoades was good. I liked it alot. Just a solid good wrestling match. Christian just needs time to cut promos and be funny and eveyone would like him.

Ryback is gay. Sorry Mr. Hoons. If you had been around watching month 4 of Goldberg's original would hate this. You would throw things at your tv.

People Power vs Cena Power. Who cares. The fact that this headlined made me sad and sick. Big Show had gained so much good will for me lately. The only way I care is if he has a short run as good as when he was the ECW Champ. That shit was rad. He had a great match with Sabu and a great feud with Hardcore Holly. I forgetting something?


Punk/DBD. How awesome was that? It's pretty hilarious to see a ROH style match at a WWE PPV. Even the crowd was doing the kind of "We like both of you even though one of you is a villian" style stuff. DBD is so over. I hope he stays heel and has a Ric Flair style run. Uber-popular cheating evil little heel. YES YES YES! This will be the only match I remember tomorrow.

So yeah, Those are my musings. Like a big fist from a 7 foot monster; that automatically knocks you out no matter what.

(EDIT) After I posted this, I realized I completely forgot about the 4 way match. Wow I apparently didn't care. I don't care about Orton or Sheamus. Del Rio is good but has no heat for his heel character. Jericho phoned it in. Whatever. No feelings about this at all.

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