May 01, 2012

Poncho Man's Extreme Rules Thoughts.....

So I watched Extreme Rules. I don’t watch every PPV but this one was intriguing. Thoughts……well I have a few.

1. The booking was spectacular. First time I’ve watched a PPV in YEARS where every match felt like it mattered. Every match had time to actually tell a story.

2. Cody Rhoades is awesome. He had a match where he basically had two moves, got brutalized by a guy 4 times his size and it totally made sense why he won.

3. DBD vs. Sheamus was probably my favorite match. Drama filled. A pretty fitting ending to a feud that WWE always seemed like they wanted to make one sided, and who came out of it more over and more popular than ever?

4. I liked Layla more with shorter hair. She’s my friend Kellen’s favorite diva. Second “Diva Search” winner. I think she was a Laker girl. Which is always hot.

5. The Punk/Jericho match was good. I thought it was much better than their Wrestlemania match. That one I still think was too sloppy for those two guys. The way they set up the chair, the kendo stick, etc. Gimmick prop matches done that well timed etc are some of my favorite things in this business. I explained to Maren when I first met her that I hated John Cena because so many times his matches make no sense. I used an old Edge vs. Cena TLC match as an example. I haven’t watched it in a long time because it makes me mad that the psychology of who set what things up didn’t make sense. Really this whole feud is classic. It’s really smart and using a lot of what Punk did in the indies in front of a much larger audience. Problem is…I really honestly think that Punk and Jericho aren’t perfectly suited for each other. It’s weird because we sometimes think those two guys can wrestle anyone…but really this feud just makes me sad that Shawn Michaels and Punk never got their day in the sun. One or two matches…but never a long feud that would have been the greatest thing ever.

6. WHAT A BEAUTIFUL TRAIN WRECK!!!! LESNAR IS A MONSTER!!!!! BLOOD!!!! WELCOME BACK BLOOD!!! WE HAVEN’T SEEN YOU IN SUCH A GREAT FASHION IN A VERY LONG TIME!!!! Oh…Hello SuperCena. Man, Creative booking made it so even Chicago fans will be excited to see you SuperCena. Gag me with a spoon. Oh and what’s the point of Laurinitis fighting Cena…with Lord Tensai. Does anybody feel SuperCena will lose? What is the point!?! Stop trying to trick me into thinking I care about John Cena. I have an idea. Remember when Vince McMahon exploded? WHY DON’T YOU HAVE BROCK LESNAR KILL JOHN CENA!!! YEAH….ACTUALLY KILL HIM!!!!! RIP HIS HEAD OFF. BREAK EVERY BONE IN HIS BODY. IT WILL BE FUNNY AND EXCITING!!!!! Then SuperCena can come back from the grave ala Undertaker and they might have a fun little storyline that I care about.

7. I’m pretty sure Cena’s “hardway” was pre-cut. If it wasn’t GOOD FUCKING JOB LESNAR!!!!

8. I liked the usage of Punk’s family. Felt like old school Bret Hart matches. Why wasn’t Diana there sitting next to Punk’s sister for no reason. They must be friends….in my mind.

9. After I watched the PPV, I watched an episode of Party Down with special guest Steve Guttenberg as himself. The Gutt is now ripped with really bad hair. He kinda looks like Cowboy Bob Orton. Awesome Huh!

Yeah, this PPV was awesome. Even the Orton/Kane match was good. I don’t care because Orton’s character still makes no sense whatsoever but whatever. But really, just seeing Cena get his ass kicked was rad. So rad that I don’t even really care about the end.



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  2. Thanks for posting big guy. I agree with you on almost everything. But the blood! GROSS. Im a big sissy about blood and don't really wanna see it. Other than that we cool.