May 12, 2012

Dream Matches.

Something I always think about in wrestling is dream matches. The matches you know would never come true. I remember writing a journal entry for my high school English class that had something to do with Ultimate Warrior coming out of retirement to face Undertaker and finish off their ridiculous feud. I loved it when Taker put him in a casket and closed the lid. I'm pretty sure Papa Shango started right around that time too. I was sooooo into that stuff. Get home from church on Sunday's and I'd see voodoo doctors and dead men and then usually Swamp Thing or edited airings of Toxic Avenger 2 would come on. These ones are just randomly on my head while I'm sitting around.

 Sabu vs Samoa Joe. We've seen Tazz take it to Sabu many times and this match is some what similar...but man...with some creative booking this match could be awesome. Imagine the Muscle Buster through multiple tables. Imagine the beating Joe could take from the massive arsenal. What would Joe do against someone Suicidal, Homicidal, and Genocidal.

Barry Horowitz vs Disco Inferno. Just my two favorite jobbers. Maybe you throw Santino in here for more excitement. Norman Smiley as guest referee. Back pats, big wiggle, cobra, and bad disco dancing. Man. I'm hard just thinking about it.

 CM Punk vs Shawn Michaels....Iron Man. As I said before...they had like 2 matches. They were okay. With an hour...this would be the most exciting wrestling ever.

 "The Phenomenal" AJ Styles vs The Great Muta. Don't ask me why but I just really want to see this. Muta was like a monster heel for being a tiny guy. I for some reason just imagine him bringing AJ to a higher level like he did for Sting and Flair in the early 90s. Not just a spot fest like a lot of Styles best matches.

 Vader vs Kurt Angle. How does the Olympic Gold Medalist beat the monster, the most athletic big man I've ever seen. Vader's moonsault is so much prettier. Vader hits harder. Vader has Harley Race backing him up. Does the wiley Angle outsmart him, or just go crazy like he seems to do so often lately. He might have to start wearing his head gear again to compete with Vader's mastodon smoke spitting thing. It's True vs It's Time!

 So...what are some of your dream matches?

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  1. Those are awesome!! Best list of dream matches I've ever seen. I'm inspired to get creative, but I've never really thought about it that much, so these are just the first ones off the top of my head.

    Daniel Bryan vs. Chris Benoit. In the way that Muta could take AJ to the "next level", I think some of Benoit's savageness would round out Bryan's heel persona fantastically. A good prototype for what this match might be like comes to mind, a classic between Benoit and William Regal at a Brian Pillman tribute show in 2000 (on the Benoit DVD set). Lately Bryan has been wrestling like a super-awesome version of Regal, who's already awesome in his own right.

    Stan Hansen vs. Eddie Guerrero. I was going to make this a Texas bull-rope match, but then I looked it up and realized Guerrero did that with JBL, who had a lot in common with Hansen. I guess I should go watch that match. But anyway, I love these two guys, and would love to see them work together.

    My three favorite wrestlers are from Texas. Hansen, Guerrero, and Austin. I don't think I have any dream matches with Stone Cold though, because for almost half of his career he was recovering from a broken neck. His Mania 13 match with Bret Hart is so perfect, right now I'm also having a hard time coming up with a good foil for Bret Hart, probably my 4th or 5th favorite guy. So I don't have any dream matches for Austin or Hart, but I think I'm going to watch that match again later tonight. I still haven't watched it with the new commentary track from Austin's latest DVD set.

    Orlando Jordan vs. Goldust. Just kidding, I don't want to see that. I'm a happily married man.

    CM Punk vs. Randy Savage. Oh yeah, Randy Savage, how'd I forget about him when I was naming favorites? I'd either want to see a babyface Punk versus a heel Macho Man for the Intercontinental title, or heel Punk versus babyface Macho for the love of Miss Elizabeth.

    For the record, I think I'd rather see your dream matches than my own, at least the ones posted here, but I was really eager to kick in my two cents, so there it was.

    Incidentally, here's a different kind of dream match:

    The match starts 5 min. into the video. One of them (I read) is a swimsuit model, early in her career as a wrestler, the other one is only 16- and this is her first ever match. Think it'll suck much? Watch and see.