May 27, 2012

Mat Classics: Steamboat-Flair

This match is good clean fun from start to finish, and a much better example of the skills of its competitors than the match I posted yesterday. This is the first of the 1989 series, from a NWA-WCW PPV called Chi-Town Rumble. It features perfect commentary by Jim Ross and Magnum T.A., plus a cameo by Teddy Long.  I could watch it every day.

Ricky Steamboat v. Ric Flair, February 20 1989

A few minutes are edited out toward the beginning, while Flair walks around the ring, stalling to get heat.  My guess is that this version of the match is from a vhs release, which cut some corners here and there to fit the event into a single tape.  As far as I can tell, no action is missing.

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  1. On a side note, while looking into the event statistics of Chi-Town Rumble, another PPV caught my eye. It was called Capital Combat: The Return of Robocop, and is the source of the infamous WCW Robocop footage. Also on the card is Johnny Ace's final WCW wrestling appearance, which was against Mark Callous- who would be rebranded as The Undertaker 6 months later. Teddy Long wrestles Paul Ellering, hair vs hair. Doom vs the Steiners looks most promising as far as match quality goes. I'm going to try and download it.