March 06, 2012

Spare Change Newsletter: Old Marks Rising

Greetings all broskis and hoskis,

SCWO Canada has prepared this week's edition of fan-boy schlock in long form, as our host and great leader Quarter Marshall is a little sick and doesn't feel like running his big mouth.

It was nice to see Sheamus have a good match against Dolph Ziggler on Smackdown this week, as I've gotten so used to him just doing cookie cutter matches on Raw. Big Show and Mark Henry had a surprisingly good match as well, I thought it was bad-ass and fun, but I wish Big Show hadn't kicked out of the World's Strongest Slam, cuz that move was a destroyer only a few months ago.

Impact was so-so, there are still some really dumb things going on in TNA, but one good thing that came out of this week was Austin Aries' status being elevated somewhat with his newfound friendship with Robert Roode, which is a cool plotline because A) It's logical B) More screentime for Austin Aries, and C) great matches, as evidenced by the great main event of Impact this week.

The main event of the ROH iPPV Young Wolves Rising was another great match this week. It was certainly the best match for the iPPV, as most of the other matches on the card failed to stand out. I watched the whole damn 3 hour thing, and have very little to say about it except that the production was distractingly bad. A combination of bad camera work and bad editing led to many moments of missed action which would take me out of the match immediately. What's really frustrating is I know that ROH used to excel with these seemingly simple things, like in the '07 match I posted here a few weeks ago. The only other thing I wanted to say about the iPPV was that in between every match, and even during some matches, the crowd would chant "Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!" and you could see everyone in Hammerstein Ballroom pointing to the sky with both arms a la Daniel Bryan. One wrestler- Kevin Steen, even prompted the crowd to do it during his match, and he even joined in for a moment, so that would be my personal favorite highlight from ROH this week.

NXT was a solid show this week, featuring a flat out awesome match between Tyson Kidd and Michael McGillicutty. This one might actually be my pick for match of the week, even with the strong main events of Impact and the ROH iPPV. There was also a decent divas match on NXT, which was the main event for the program, and was made all the more entertaining by Johnny Curtis and Derrick Bateman cracking wise at the announce table.

Raw was awfully chatty this week, but that's fine. It was all pertinent to building anticipation for Wrestlemania, which is shaping up to be a hell of an event. And I'm thinking now, "what can I say about Raw? What happened on Raw?" And the only thing I can think of is "Wrestemania's coming!" I don't even remember what happened on Raw, I've just been brainwashed. Good thing I took notes. Alright, so Santino won the Superstars championship, but most of the heat in this match went to Johnny Laurinaitis. Call me crazy, but I'm really looking forward to a Mania match between Laurinaitis and Teddy Long. I don't know why myself, but they've been so awesome in displaying such contempt for one another, they're really showing up some of the younger guys in their ability to sell a feud. If Mania's gotta have that "non-wrestlers" wrestling match every year (Lawler-Cole, McMahon-Hart) this one might actually be worth it.
The Punk/Sheamus v. Bryan/Jericho match was solid, if a little short, but the show was stolen by John Cena, whose main event promo absolutely ruled. It was the reverse of last week, with Rock interrupting him and retreating, and Cena shone even more this week than he did last week, showing up Rock on the mic for a second time. He was even able to win over some of his long-lost hometown crowd by eliciting a "Tooth Fairy" chant. Part of me feels like this is a work, and that Cena's dominance on the mic is a carefully planned part of the story, but the other part of me doesn't care if it is or isn't, and is just loving it. I've been dogging on the Rock for a few weeks on the MM Show, but really, I think he's earned the right to come back whenever he wants, and if his return to the ring warrants a main event Wrestlemania match, then so be it. He's paid his dues and then some, he's a legend. I just run him down sometimes because I'm behind John Cena in this feud, and I get carried away with it sometimes, like the perfect little mark that I am. That being said, Let's go Cena, Rocky sucks!

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