March 21, 2012

DBD and a kid i knew - 2003

Here is something i was surprised to find last night. It's from the relaunched Portland Wrestling back in 2003. I used to watch this show religiously on Friday nights while living in Gresham. I think i remember watching this episode when it aired. Dustin Snyder, the guy wrestling some loser named the American Dragon, is a kid i went to school with in Hood River. I remember watching the show and flipping out cuz i had no idea he wrestled and hadn't seen him for at least 5 years by this point. The American Dragon is a guy i vaguely remember from that show. He was on consistently but i didn't really care about him much. This show had so many big personalities that the real solid and talented wrestlers kinda got overlooked, by me anyway. It's funny to see how young DBD looks and how 90's his hair was. I was really impressed by this match then and i love it even more now. Super cool.

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