March 10, 2012

Mat Classics: Tatsumi Fujinami and Kerry Von Erich

Here's a terrifically bad-ass match comin atcha from 1986. In the corner to my right- Tatsumi Fujinami. The technical prowess of this guy was a top prize of NJPW for many years. In the corner to my other right- Kerry Von Erich. One of the best remembered wrestlers of his time, whose time came to an unsettling end, as with so many others of the Von Erich family. The athleticism and intensity of this match speaks to the legacy which the Von Erichs imparted onto the wrestling world, as well as to the remarkable quality of entertainment that was coming out of Japan at that time.

Tatsumi Fujinami v. Kerry Von Erich, NJPW, 05/16/86

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