October 11, 2011

Rusty's Rastlin Report

Well how do you like that? THREE posts in A WEEK!!! Amazing! And why am i so productive? Because i wanna prove CM Punk wrong. Just because i ate some tofu yesterday that doesn't make me a hippie. I'm in for the long haul. I'm here regardless of the danger. Ill never turn my back on the fans.


This was one of the weirdest episodes of raw i have ever seen. I felt like i was going thru mood swings. First i was relaxed, then i was mad, then i was really excited, and eventually i faded out and fell asleep. It was awesome.

The start of the show was a bunch of nothing. It was kinda nice. I liked how quiet it was . It relaxed me. It was cool to see the show start in a different way than it always does. I'm sick of the whole fireworks and in ring promos.

Then HHH comes out and gives a big speech. I didn't really care about what he was saying, i was to busy makin some damn cheese tortillas. But once Cena and Sheamus i got kinda pissed. It was more burying of the roster. Who happened to be in the parking lot. I guess, i never saw them out there. But the biggest bombshell was when punk came out and sided with HHH. I was surprised to see that. He kinda came out and did the mega face speech. It was weird. I wasn't sure how to take it. The message board IWC dorks didn't know what to think either. They here really mad that the WWE RUINED CM PUNK. I dont think so. Who cares. It was a really fun intro. Especially The look on Punks face when HHH was telling him that he had the announcers booth all to himself. It was great.

I Dont really care that Johnny Ace is now the RAW GM. I think it was a good move. You don't know what his motives are or who his friends are and i like that. He is kinda boring on the mic but it works for him. He is just an unlikeable kinda guy. Im excited to see how this all plays out.

Oh man dog, more proof that JMo may be making his way to TNA soon. If i remember correctly this was kinda a squash match wasn't it? How sad. Now i wouldn't call myself a Jmosapian or nothin but i really feel bad for the guy. The coolest part of the match was when Rhodes, Swagger and Ziggler came out and kicked JMo's ass. I would love for them to become a real heal faction. That would rule.

ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ I love the Worlds Strongest Man but i checked out when i saw RKO. Fuck that guy. It was cool to see Rhodes come out and paper bag RKO. I'm not very excited for that feud tho. I'm sure the matches will be great but you know that Rhodes will never go over RKO.

I couldn't really care less about Cena and ADR at Vengeance. Who does? And why is it supposed to be a shock? I guess the only reason i will watch it is to see if the belt switches AGAIN. Then, after that announcement JOhnny Ace fires JR for no good reason.. I was pissed. I mean, sure, it's a great way to get some heat and JR might have wanted a vacation, but it was just a lame cop out as far as the story goes. It didn't really make sense to me.

While these dudes were walking to the ring i fell asleep on the couch. Then i got up and went to bed. So the next morning i finished raw while washing the dishes. These types of matches are great for washing dishes to. They dont matter at all.

PUNK VS ADR and the PUNK VS AWESOME TRUTH and then HHH AND PUNK VS AWESOME TRUTH This was a great ending. I loved how punk had to tag with ADR. I loved how ADR did the chicken shit heal walk out. I loved seeing punk take on Awesome Truth all alone. I loved all of it. I even loved seeing Punk shake hands with HHH. That to me was a passing of the torch of sorts. HHH extended his hand to PUNK to pull him up to the next level. I loved this RAW as a whole. It's funny tho, a lot of people hated it. Which i can understand. I think i mainly liked it because it was different. Im really excited to see what happens in the next month or so. SHould be interesting.

My love for bad movies has been well documented. The love for them is only rivaled by Pro Wrestling. SO when the two of them collide i am a happy guy. Last week i noticed a strange cross over. I was watching the great shot on video horror movie Woodchipper Massacre and googling the cast. To my surprise one of the actors ended up being an Emmy award winning soap opera writer and recently hired (in april) creative writer for the WWE. His name is Tom Casiello and he was the best part of the movie. Here is one of his shining scenes.

Im sure you have checked out all that WWE.com has to offer. I have just recently been perusing the strange clips they upload. It's kinda great, all the backstage interviews and stuff. They kinda feel like the interviews i would see on saturday morning WWF. More personal with more time to talk. I love it.

They posted a little clip of all the tofu grillin sit-in wrestlers out in the parking lot which was hilarious. I had a few thoughts about it that i wanted to share.

1- I dont like to see wrestlers in their street clothes unless i absolutely have to. They live in an alternate reality where it is more normal to wear trunks and a t-shirt than jeans. So seeing Sin Cara in regular clothes and a mask feels like two worlds colliding.

2- If these people are going to be in their street clothes then the WWE needs to lay off the dress code. Everyone wearing biz-cas or mall clothes looks really weird. Again, take a look at Sin-Cara. Does he really dress like that in real life? It just looks ridiculous.

3- Why didn't they show this on RAW. It would make the whole thing feel more real.

4- Dolph Ziggler proves he is awesome by wearing a Britney Spears shirt. I love that Dolph

OK, don't get me wrong. I loved the video. It was funny to see people milling around. If you haven't seen it yet i suggest that you check it out. Kayfabe rules!

Eat, Pray, Love
Rusty Nickles316


  1. I actually hadn't seen that WWE.com video before. I want to know who was working the grill. The Grill-man at the BBQ is typically the alpha male, so I would've liked to see one of the bigger guys with an apron on, intently eying the burgers for readiness. But I didn't really see any burgers, or any food at all for that matter.

    I saw that rad Woodchipper Massacre video a week or so ago when you posted it on FB. Too cool that the kid grows up to be a WWE writer. I've been watching tons of bad movies lately, maybe we should change this site to 'Spare Change Wrestling and Really Terrible Movies That Are Fun To Watch online'. Last night I watched a thriller called "The Transplant" from 1970, which involves a brilliant but amoral heart surgeon and his violent apish goon of a brother. Footage from an actual heart surgery is used for one of the more memorable scenes. Well, the only memorable scene, I guess. Wait, what was I talking about again?

  2. Make that "Spare Change Wrestling and Really Terrible Movies That Are Fun To Watch and Nirvana Rules and Other Cool Music That Rules online".