October 07, 2011


Take that to the bank, TONIGHT!


  1. I loved it when you said that you gotta "quit smarkin'" because when I read or listen back to my own stuff, that's one of my biggest criticisms about my own output-- too smarky. Kayfabe is way more fun, and really the only way storylines should be judged. BUT sometimes it's impossible to keep strict kayfabe when you've been a wrestling fan for so many years, and something happens that seems transparent, like ice or glass, because the pattern is recognizable and you just can't help it. Or, sometimes, something happens, and you can't fully describe it without breaking kayfabe.

    You described this Monday's walk-out as "everyone turned heel except HHH" and you hit the nail on the head, and there's no other way to put it, even though it doesn't literally describe the story that's been laid out on TV. You asked in your podcast what I thought, and what I think is that your analysis is 100% spot-on. I didn't even get into it in my own post because I couldn't verbalize it, so let me just jump onto your idea-butt here and throw my chips in with the cynical Nickles consensus that the event we saw conclude last Monday's Raw was nothing other than a chickenshit heel-turn by 99% of the roster, which served not so much to leave HHH in an empty arena as it did to secure him atop a golden pedestal surrounded by an arena full of sympathizing fans.

    It wasn't until watching Smackdown that I learned that the walk-out on Raw symbolized the beginning of a strike that would be in effect until HHH resigned as COO of WWE. I'd just thought it meant that dudes were being antagonistic; making an over-blown attempt to boost the cred of the Miz/Truth gripe. But now that the full gravity of the situation has been expressed to the extent that it's sunk into my thick brain (thank you video package repeats), and I can fully judge the situation as it lays, being the pro pro wrestling journalist that I am, I can now honestly say that THIS SUCKS!!! WHAT A LOAD OF HUMAN SHIT!!! Of course, if the strike has as much consequense as the main event beat-down from Hell in a Cell, then there is nothing to worry about-- everything will remain the same! But there does seem to be an eagerness to establish Johnny L. as the bad guy, as if to try and make up for the blatant failure of the aborted Raw GM angle. They're beating us over the head with Johnny L.'s probable treachery so much that it's finally murdering the [long-since crippled] buzz that began this angle, which was solely accredible to CM Punk. Now, I'm expecting that Punk (along with the other no-shows) will be written to benefit from their lack of participation in the walk-out. But wouldn't it have meant a world more for them to have gone out there to physically evidence
    their support? It's such a crock of shit it's unholy.

    Thanks for asking when I'm moving back to Portland. The 'zen' answer from my soul is "always", but the real answer may be closer to "never." At any rate, it fully depends on
    where the long term goals of my spouse and I lead us. We both absolutely love Portland, and Oregon in general, but I don't foresee us sacrificing much to favor our living
    there. Your idea to somehow supplant us with the neighbor who took our place does sound terrific, though. Wherever we end up, I doubt we'll ever be as happy with our living situation as we were at the Salmon Street Villa. If moving back to Portland becomes a viable option in 2013 (when Silent Gas' program here in Vancouver is through) we'd really value your help in finding us a quality living space around town. Apart from that dubious future, we'll probably be around for a few days this December, and believe me, we're looking forward to it.

    Til then, I remain your M-UMMIFIED C-ELLAR M-OUSE

    (WCW upside-down) and why not.

    -Davey Bitchcakes

  2. We will try to come back to Portland!!