October 10, 2011

Ladies and Germs! Here is is! Weeks overdue! I'm sorry man. But i had to put it off for a while. Things are just getting too dangerous around here. If you, Alice, Wakka and Darla wanna surround the ring and give a vote of confidence you can. I deserve it. I let things get outta hand around here.

Ok, enough groveling. Lets get to the Smarking!

ADR- Jeez, what a sad string of luck this guy has had in the past few months. Sure, he has won the big belt twice, but he looks super lame while he has it. I think the WWE just hates heal champs. The Miz looked super undeserving while he had the belt. Now ADR looks more like he is hanging on to the belt while Cena is busy than a real champ. I love ADR, he is a great wrestler. I just dont like him as champ. Just give the belt back to Punk already.

A-Ri - It's funny how fast my opinion can change on a wrestler. For some reason i flipped on the Miz the second he was partnered up with R-Truth. My opinion on A-Ri changed in a different way. I think i talked about it in a podcast once. It was that night that A-Ri came out and gave Vickie Guerrero a bunch of shit. It's that weird WWE double standard where a face can talk a bunch of heal-like shit and still stay a face. I hate it. I guess im just a bleeding heart homo but i dont like that stuff. So after all of that i cant stand this guy.

BIG SHOW - Ya know what, I like the big show. I miss the old smilin' Big Show. He is giant and i love seeing him live. Long live big show

CM Punk - What is there to say about CM Punk that i haven't said before? Not a lot. So instead of gushing about my fav wrestler i figured i would just post a picture of CM Punk as a ghost that i stole from the WWE website. Spooky!

Curt Hawkins - I dont know who Curt Hawkins is.

David Otunga - 3 weeks ago i didn't care about David Otunga at all. Now he has a gimmick and i actually like him a little. He can talk, he is not horrible in the ring, he just needed a purpose. With his new gimmick, a brainiac on performance enhancing drugs, he actually has something to do.

Dolph Ziggler - Dolph is great. He is really good. I feel like he is so good that the position he is in right now is holding him back. He doesn't need a valet, he can talk on his own. He also needs a purpose. He is a heal for no reason and he hasn't had a whole lot of direction. He is just stuck in the mid card and out wrestling everyone they match him up with. Oh well, ill always love Mr. Ziggles regardless.

Drew McIntyre - Uhhhh, what do i say? Uhhh. His theme song is cool. But they dont use it anymore...

Evan Bourne - I have always liked Evan Bourne even tho he is a genaric face. I gotta admit that Air Boom is a great tag team. Or should i say, a fun tag team. Thats about all i got to say about this smilin' guy

Jack Swagger - I love the all american american american. What the hell happened to him? He just kinda faded away for a while. Hopefully he is on his way back with the recent grouping with Ziggles and Vicki. I love this guy. And the really need to bring back the Soaring Eagle. That was his peak.

John Cena - Jesus, i sure dont have a lot to say about some of these guys. What should i say about super Cena? Im sick of him? He rules? Fuck it, lets move on.

John Morrison - Oh god! What the hell happened to John Morrison? Sure, he cant talk on the mic worth a shit but who cares. He has a great look and can wrestle like a son of a bitch. Please don't go away John Morrison! But i feel like all hope is lost. Did you see his new shirt? It's absolutely horrible. I feel like they are trying to make people hate him with this shirt. Oh god. So bad. Please JMO, dont go.

JTG - I had no idea that JTG had anything to do with RAW until i saw him in some backstage segments. I really have no opinion on this guy, i never watch superstars.

Kofi Kingston - See Evan Bourne

Mason Ryan - This guy is super lame. He is so roided up that it looks like he has a super small head. His face turn was lame also. He basically beat up two guys for no reason. Ass hole.

Michael McGillicutty - Shit man. How am i supposed to write a roster report with all these lame ass dudes?

The Miz - When i was typing this roster report earlier today i noticed that it said "kafabe fired" by The Miz and R Truth (on wikipedia's RAW roster). Now it doesent. Does that mean that they are back? I hope so because i really like these two together. The fact that i actually like the miz now is saying a lot. Now if they could only change my poinion on RKO...

Ray Mysterio - I miss ol Ray Ray. He is a great wrestler, a real face and left a big hole after he left. Not even two sin caras can fill that hole.

R-Truth - Truth is a genius. He is always funny and great at wrestling. I always find his story lines, no matter how stupid, to be entertaining. And this whole thing with the miz is gold. I really hope he comes back tonight.

Santino Marella - It was really weird to see santino back last week. His new eye brows might have been what threw me off. I love this guys style in the ring. He is actually a good wrestler. I'm glad we had a break from him after he and Vlad were tag champs. They kinda over used him for a little while.

Zack Ryder - I still don't know what i feel about this guy. I have never looked into his internet show so i haven't fully bought into the gimmick. He is fun tho, ill give him that. SO regardless if i like him or not i like that he is trying, unlike some people (RKO). It will be interesting to see how this guy does over the next few years. I like that he has worked hard and used the internet to get over. Time will tell on this guy.

Well, i dont wanna talk about the divas. I dont wanna talk about the other people (John Laurenitis, Vicki Gurrerro). SO thats it. Now i gotta go type up a damn Monday Night RAW report. Shit, raw was totally awesome. My fingers hurt! Too much wrestling! And if they make that stupid WWE tv station ill never sleep again. AHHHHHH!!!!!

_Rusty Nickles316_

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