January 05, 2014

Yet Another Year's End Best Of List

First, I'd like to completely retract all of my predictions from 6 weeks ago, because clearly none of them will even come close to fruition.  How embarrassing.

I've been seeing lots of Best Of lists.  Some of them are "as voted on by you- the people" and some are individual opinions.  All of these lists have the same categories-- best wrestler, best female wrestler, best tag team, etc.  I wanted to make a list to highlight some of the other stuff I'll remember best from 2013, peppered with random screenshots from throughout the year.  So here we go.

BEST Face Turn= Cody Rhodes.  His performance at Money in the Bank made him a face even before Sandow turned on him.  His wrestling style has changed to better suit his new character, he's more athletic, does cool aerial moves, has awesome comebacks, etc.  Cody's been an innovator for a while now, and having a fresh character to work with has shown that he can continue that trend.  Goldust gets tons of praise, and rightfully so, but Cody's right up there with him.

BEST Heel Turn= Adam Cole.  I didn't even think he could pull it off, being that he was such a solid babyface, but his bad guy persona is just as, if not more effective.  The slow transition with all of the teasing along the way was a highlight of ROH booking.

BEST Double Turn= Alberto Del Rio and Dolph Ziggler had one of the coolest matches of the year when they successfully pulled off the double turn.  Ziggler's good guy hasn't really gotten over, and Del Rio never got much heat, but for that one beautiful, shining moment, I totally gave a shit.

BEST Commentary Team= Kevin Kelly and Steve Corino.  Corino really makes this one.  His color makes ROH twice as fun to watch.  He regularly cracks me up, and it's been a REALLY long time since I could say that about a commentator.  Plus, Kelly is a solid play-by-play guy with an upstanding everyman kind of persona, and he makes a great foil to Corino's witty slime.

BEST Moment On Television= Mark Henry's Retirement Speech.  I still go back and watch this sometimes.  Goosebumps.  Close second would be when The Shield jumped Undertaker on the Raw after Mania, with Kane making the save.

I was trying to come up with a list of different kinds of matches, and my favorites from each type, but that was taking too long, but I'm pretty sure my favorite match of the year was Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton at Battleground.

So what's up fellas?  We gonna do the Rumble again this year?  Maybe meet in Portland again, maybe out here on the sunny Oregon coast, or maybe Eugene (if that's an option).  Let's make a plan!

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