December 26, 2013

Deck the Halls (of Pain) with Boughs of Holly(wood Blondes)

Because no-one else I told today appreciated it, I gotta show you fellas what Alice got me for XMas.

Yeah, that's a Ricky Steamboat autographed magazine from 1979.  I'm gonna get it framed.

It was fun to skim the pages, too.  I didn't read any articles (they were all kind of dumb, even the Steamboat piece) but there was a cool page-size picture of a young-ish Stan Hansen, a chart showing the most popular and most hated wrestlers of the time (with Dusty Rhodes and Ric Flair topping their respective categories), and a hilarious Letters to the Editor section featuring this gem:

Keep in mind this was written in 1979, seven years before they'd enter into the rivalry which is widely regarded to be the best of all time.  Hey Rusty, you ever finish that Chi-Town Rumble?  Poncho, have you gotten to Clash of the Champions VI yet?  Both feature Steamboat-Flair matches from their legendary 1986 series, and I'd be way interested to hear if you guys feel they live up to the hype.

As a freebee from the EBay dealer, I'm also now a proud owner of this memento of wrestling history:

I like how the background is the standard for 90's high school portraits.

Happy days.   See you guys soon, I hope.  Possibly another Royal Rumble get-together?  I would be totally into it.

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