September 28, 2012

You Might Say The Poncho Man Has Been Sidelined With Injury......

Till today!!

Yes! Finally the Poncho Man has returned to this website! So the two........and I said two Poncho Man fans can get there money worth.

18 hours and 45 minutes of Wrestling has been consumed since Wednesday of this week. I would go home and watch more tonight, but I have to stay at work until 7 AM. So here are some thoughts on what I've watched so far.....

I said this to Rusty the other day...Night Of Champions was a big bust for me. About the only thing I liked was Punk holding the belt above his head for 2 minutes. None of the matches were particularly memorable. Even the solid Punk/Cena match just left me cold knowing that apparently Heel Punk can't beat Cena, but good guy Punk can (how many times this year?). Just kinda pointless

Caught up on Dragon Gate USA's last two PPVs. Now Rusty...if you catch up with Evolve you'll know who I'm talking about. first...There is a match on Untouchable 2012 of Samuray Del Sol and El Generico vs Cima and AR Fox that is incredible. I highly recommend tracking it down. An incredible mix of Lucha/Japanese/and What I'll call for lack of a better term American Indie. It is definitely the best match I've watched since getting back in the game. Apparently Del Sol and Generico have two awesome matches in Evolve. I'm hoping to watch 2, 3, and 4 in the next week or so.

Side note....The Kentucky Gentleman Chuck Taylor, The Man Scout Jake Manning, and The Swamp Monster or the Gentlemen's Club is my new favorite faction is wrestling. Everything they do is gold.  I'm also confused as to why Chuck Taylor and Johnny Gargano hate eachother...but wrestle with each other in Chikara.

ROH Death By Dishoner X. I guess this was okay? I think The Marshall said something about all the technical difficulties. I don't think I got the whole show either. I liked how Steen vs Rhino was booked ECW style. Elgin seems to have finally put his foot down and I'm looking forward to Elgin vs Steen.

I think I've watched 3 of the 10 Chikara shows that I was behind. What's nice about this stuff is that I'm not really that into the wrestling...but every match has a storyline no matter what. Best matches El Generico vs Dasher Hatfield, Hatfield vs Kingston, and I really enjoyed Tim Donst vs Sara Del Rey. All the hair obsession was priceless. It's kinda sad to me that Del Rey will soon be gone and guys like El Generico and Hatfield will only really work in the indies.

The moral of the story and really every post I do about indies....I'm a complete mark for El Generico. He makes me happy.

BTW: I think I might start watching Pro Wrestling it has been described as Chikara but not PG.

I have no girlfriend, I have no wife, I have no life, but I'll always have my wrasslin'.


  1. I should check out Dragongate. The gentlemen's club made a cameo at King of Trios, they didn't do much but seemed really funny. Of course Chuck Taylor always is. I'm a huge fan of Generico also, so at the very least I'll check out that match. Recommendation appreciated.

    I've heard really good things about PWG. I've downloaded some, but haven't watched it yet.

    Saw Sara Del Rey in a Tout by Bill DeMott. She was with Norman Smiley and I think Joey Mercury, and apparently they're all trainers. Here's the link, see what you think:

  2. I always think about how i need to look into all those indie shows you two talk about. But honestly I don't have any time to keep up anymore. All i can handle is raw and nxt and that is tough sometimes. If i do fine more time for wrestling I usually watch raw from 1996. So for now i'm going to have to give up on the indies. Or at least until the three of us can get together and have a marathon.

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