September 25, 2012

MMS: Countdown to Chikara

The regular part of the show is only about 10 minutes this week, then it's all Chikara.  Poncho, if you're still trying to avoid Chikara spoilers, I give plenty of warning before getting into those details.  I would actually recommend that neither of you listen to the last 20 minutes of the show, and instead watch the King of Trios tournament yourselves, cuz it was AWESOME.  But if you don't care, don't have the time, or are just eager to hear the results, look no further than this fake podcast.


  1. So here is a funny story about my life. I don't have internet at home. I seriously go sit in my truck outside of a laundromat in order to do my googling/downloading. A few weeks ago my computer screen went belly up so I couldn't watch anything. I could still google at I kept up with what happened on WWE...but because of this website I've been following DragonGate USA and Chikara (and following ROH a little more closely I guess).

    Right now I have 10 Chikara shows to download/watch. I might be able to do 30 long as this shit downloads at a decent speed. Anyways....I hope to catch up while I'm sick and feel like shit because watching wrestling makes me happy.

  2. So far i have actually only listened to the first 12 minutes of this show. I wanna watch come Chikara before i listen to the rest. Just saying. And also, i got a huge amount of notes from the last RAW. Just watched it. So keep a look out for that DAWG(s)

  3. Hey Poncho, would you be able to get stuff faster if you downloaded it straight from my computer? I could set up an ftp or we could use soulseek if you use a pc. It might be faster than low-seeded torrents, but I'm not sure. my upload speed is something like 200 kb/sec, but you probably wouldn't be using 100% of it since I'm usually seeding things.